AEW: Fight Forever Wrestling Game’s First Official Trailer is Out Now

The first official trailer for AEW: Fight Forever, the upcoming wrestling game that stars the All Elite Wrestling stars, was released by THQ Nordic earlier today. It’s likely because the entire thing leaked last week and appeared all over the wrestling internet that the trailer seems familiar. This is the first time we’ve really seen the game in action in HD, and guess what? It looks like it might be enjoyable despite the very low video quality of the leak.

Britt Baker on the feature

The trailer begins with Tony Schiavone, an AEW commentator, meeting with Dr. Britt Baker, also known as D.M.D., a wrestler on the roster. Britt invites the commentator to grab a controller and seat down, and then she displays a match between herself and Adam Cole. The move she displays in the trailer is the stomp, and she also practices a submission hold on her adversary.
When Schiavone asks if there are any weapons in AEW Fight Forever, Britt kindly offers gameplay video showing her hitting Cole around with a variety of stuff. Among the alternatives are chairs, fire extinguishers, trash cans, and a baseball bat. The match between Schiavone and Britt is won by the latter at the end of the trailer.


Only a few brief glimpses of gameplay are shown in the clip (perhaps there is an option to disable the slow-motion replay of Britt Baker’s curb stomp), but it is clear that there will be a selection of weaponry and mini-games in the Mario Party manner. Along with a sizable cast of the best AEW stars, THQ Nordic has also promised a career mode and a variety of customization possibilities. The most blatant indication yet that Fight Forever is attempting to recreate the vintage N64 feel is the spirit meter for each character that was revealed in separately posted pictures, which is modelled after AKI.

Something new to experience

Working with Yuke’s on AEW: Fight Forever has received a lot of attention for AEW.

Yuke has worked on official WWF / WWE wrestling games since 2000 and has previously created New Japan wrestling games dating back to 1995. The developers from Human, who produced the Fire Pro series in the 1980s before switching to Spike in 2000, may be the only ones with more expertise creating wrestling video games.

A game modelled after the beloved AKI/THQ wrestling games created for the Nintendo 64 (think WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF WrestleMania 2000, and WWF No Mercy) has been long promised by former AEW World champion and resident gaming expert Kenny Omega. He even enlisted No Mercy director Hideyuki Iwashita as a producer for Fight Forever. Fight Forever has the potential to be something truly exceptional given Yuke’s extensive experience creating wrestling video games and direct inspiration from the best wrestling game series ever created.

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There will be more information on the gameplay coming up during the THQ Nordic Showcase, so stay tuned and follow us here for the latest news.

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