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Adele Is Dating Rapper Skepta & ‘Things Have Been Heating Up’

Adele is dating rapper Brit Skepta which has been confirmed according to a source. The couple runs in the same circles in London and she is said to be having fun.

The source also reveals that things are heating up between the two. Both Adele and Brit have known each other for years now. They have a deep connection over music, their shared home neighborhood of Tottenham.

They also share a deep connection with being parents to young children. Brit had revealed back in an interview in 2016, how Adele texts him all the time and keeps him in check. The rapper shares a 2-year-old daughter, River from one of his previous relationships.

Brit said the Hello singer speaks to him about how things are going.  Adele filed for divorce from her husband, Simon Konecki back in 2019. According to sources since then she has been a lot more social and has opened up quite a bit.

Adele is also said to be taking new risks as we witnessed her give a go to her comedic side while hosting Saturday Night Live for the very first time. The singer joked about having her heart broken multiple times as she appeared on a Bachelor spoof. She also chimed in on how she would appear on Love Island next time.

The singer addressed her highly-anticipated weight loss for the first time as well. She said she knows she looks really different from the last time we saw her. Adele said, “Because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and could only bring half of me.” She quipped that this is the half she chose to bring.

Adele’s Music Is Evolving With Her

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Sources have revealed that the singer has been committed to a diet and fitness regimen which includes Pilates, weight training, and other targeted areas. The insider also revealed that she is still motivated because she feels great.

Although Adele is busy with her new look and life, she has not compromised her commitment to her 8-year-old son, Angelo, who she shares with her ex. The singer has made sure that while splitting her time between Los Angeles and London because of the global pandemic, she does help her son stay on track in school.

An insider revealed that helping her son become successful with online schooling is Adele’s focus. They are on a good schedule, according to sources. However, when it comes to her much-awaited new album, it has been on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although sources have revealed that her music is evolving with her. The insider shared how there have been many challenges in Adele’s life and the world. However, insider reveals she has been working her way around all of that and will release her music when she is ready. “She’s doing well and feeling terrific,” revealed the source.

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