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Actor Boman Irani reveals how he had proposed his wife and it’s all things love!

Bollywood star Boman Irani has talked about his love story and how he got married to his wife and it will surely leave you overlwhelmed!

Actor Boman Irani has revealed his love story and how he finally proposed to his wife. In an interaction with Humans Of Bombay he narrated his journey with wife Zenobia.

Revealing that they met first in his wafer shop, he said that it was love at first sight. Soon they started talking over calls. Talking about their first date, he said, “Finally, after her exams, we went on our first date. But before we even got the menus, I blurted, ‘I think we should get married!’ Kids these days will think I was bonkers but I didn’t need to ‘figure it out’. I knew she was the one.”

What’s more interesting is Zenobia’s reply. “You know what she said next? ‘Ya, of course. Oh, wait! I forgot my umbrella.’ I’d just proposed & that’s what she said!”


Boman went on to reveal how it has been a beautiful journey with her. From their first marriage anniversary to having two kids, it has been all things love.

“3 kids & 2 grandkids later, the humor is going strong. We still play 20 questions every time we travel, a game we played on our honeymoon–but I never let her win! It’s been 35 years of laughing together & that’s the key–seeing her smile is everything… even if it’s because she knows I’ve got my next joke lined up for her,” he concluded.

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