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Abdullah Javed has the sweetest wish for his ‘crime partner’

The brother of newlywed Sana Javed, Abdullah Javed, has the sweetest wish for his sister and brother-in-law Umair Jaswal on Instagram and we all are in awe of their bond.

Sharing a picture from Sana’s Nikkah ceremony with Jaswal, Abdullah shared his fondest memories with his sister Sana. The model said that he is a guardian to his sister and will always be ready to sacrifice his life for Sana.

“Crime partners for life when we started off as kids. Doing prank calls for fun. Calling each other for school/college fights. I imagined myself as your guardian,” he said.

Abdullah remarked that he is proud that Sana has now found a better, stronger, and responsible guardian.

“I still can give my life for you♥️ but now you’re a grown-up lady with a stronger guardian than I ever was and I’m proud to say that when i passed on that imaginary mantle I knew it was passing down to someone who’ll take that responsibility better than anyone else @umairjaswalofficial,” said Abdullah.

Sana’s brother added that they will be parting ways very soon now and he will miss his sister “but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop loving you,” he said.

On October 20, singer Jaswal and actor Sana got married in an intimate ceremony in Karachi.

Thanking fans and people who have been congratulating the couple and sending their best wishes, Jaswal posted a note on Instagram.

The duo also posted a picture-perfect shot of their nikkah on the Instagram to announce the news.

Abdullah is known for the shoots that he has done with famous brands and designers such as Ittehad textiles, Emran Rajput, LSM Fabrics, ZS Textiles, Jahanzaib Khan and Brumano.

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