6 Of Meghan Markle's Best Beauty Tricks You Might Have Missed

6 Of Meghan Markle’s Best Beauty Tricks You Might Have Missed

The Duchess of Sussex has not really talked about her hair and makeup routine especially after stepping down from royal duties. She is focused on doing philanthropic work and making special appearances. However, if you pay close attention, you will realize that she is giving out some major hair and makeup tips.

Meghan’s tips are easily achievable and you would not find it difficult to apply in your own life. For the very first beauty tip, the former actress wore a messy bun to an event with Prince Harry before being engaged. This is something rare that we do not see other royal family members do.

Her hair did become more refined and polished after her wedding to Prince Harry but the transition seems to have happened in her own way. She has constantly tried to merge both the traditions and her own style together. Meghan has redefined what it means to have an “event-appropriate hairstyle”.

Here are some of the beauty tricks the Duchess has lent us:

Meghan Markle Gets Tiny Trims to Avoid A Big Haircut

Similar to Princess Diana, Meghan has also chosen to have her hair trimmed rather than having a huge chop. In every few months, you can notice her having a shorter cut and freshly cut layers added to the bottom. Princess Diana also did the same thing to ensure that the attention be on charity work and not her hairstyle.

Meghan Markle Loves to Wear Lip Liner

Meghan’s beauty tips include her using a lip liner. She wears the liner in subtle ways as she overlines her lips lightly. The former actress always wears a darker shade than her actual lip color. On top of that, she added a layer of gloss and the trick is not even noticeable.

Meghan Markle’s Freckles Must Be “Peeking Through”

The beauty secret that is most widely known by her is that she keeps her freckles on show at all times. This is the reason why she always has a natural and super fresh makeup look. As per the makeup artist who has worked with her, her number one priority is to have her freckles peeking through.

Even on her wedding day, she had that same request. The best tip from Meghan is to embrace your natural self.

Secret of Glowing Wedding Makeup Is The Skin

A successful wedding look does not take a lot of makeup but it is about the skin glowing. Meghan’s makeup artist and friend, Daniel Martin, revealed that the Duchess’ wedding glow was because of facialist Sarah Chapman. The artist revealed that the former actress invested a lot of time doing her skincare routine before the wedding. She also made sure not to have heavy makeup on.

Meghan Adds Eyeliner For Special Occasions

Even though her go-to look has always been natural, it does not mean she does not experiment with makeup. The Duchess and Prince Harry’s tour saw her having thick kohl liner. She stretched the eyeliner both across her lashes and her waterlines. Meghan has the smudged-out beauty look at various events including her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan Markle Always Has Milk Bath Nails

The former actress has kept her engagement and early months of her marriage with one royal beauty rule. This was to always keep her manicure neutral or pale pink. Other royals have also imbibed this rule into their books for a long time. However, recently Meghan has been seen wearing a milky shade that aligned with the milk bath nail trends.


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