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500 million iPhone-iPad users have a big dent in data

Tension of iPhone and iPad users is going to increase. Cyber ​​security experts have detected a bug that was helping cybercriminalis to hack the users’ data. In this cyber attack, the information of 500 million users has breached.

Apple iPhone and iPad users have suffered big losses. Recently a bug has detected, which is said to have been helping hackers to breach users’ personal data for the last 8 years. According to cyber security firm ZecOps, 500 million users’ data has been stolen in this cyber attack. Apple email app has used in this hacking.

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This bug is involved in big cyber attack

Chief of cyber security firm Jook Everham said he came to know about this cyber attack on iPhones and iPads when he was investigating a major cyber attack with a client last year. Juke says that after this investigation, he came to know that this bug is involve in at least 6 cases related to cyber security.

After crashing the mail app

Hackers used special coding of the emails sent to complete the hacking. This code used to crash and reset the Mail app as soon as the user opened the email. Due to the crash, the hackers had little difficulty in gaining access to the device. It told that the photos and contact details of users have also stolen in this hacking.

Apple accepts software malfunctions

Apple has acknowledged this drawback of its iOS. A company spokesperson said that this threat was present in the Apple software use for the Mail App on iPhones and iPads. With this, the company said that now the necessary update has been prepare to fix this mess and in the coming days it will reach the global users.

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