5 Untold Facts Of BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” News

5 Untold Facts Of BTS x Coldplay “My Universe”

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September 30, 2021

The BTS and Coldplay “My Universe” collaboration has been released. And it triggered great excitement from both ARMYs and Coldplayers worldwide.

However, did you know that there are over 5 untold behind the scenes facts hidden of the “My Universe” creation process.

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My Universe | BTS and Colplay

Behind the Scenes of BTS x Coldplay “My Universe”

Indeed two fabulous bands from different music spheres have come together to create a brand-new world in a dream collaboration!

Granting the wishes of fans and the artists, the universe itself has unleashed its power in creating a collaboration. This become a historical moment in the music industry: BTS x Coldplay “My Universe”.

  1. My Universe was originally written for BTS

First, you may have noticed that Coldplay’s founder and lead vocalist, Chris Martin, is the one creating “My Universe” song. However, did you know that Chris Martin originally wrote My Universe for BTS?

In fact in the BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” behind-the-scenes documentary, Chris Martin mentioned that he’d taken “My Universe” to his friend and said, “Let’s do this demo for BTS!”.

2. Its a dream come true project for BTS and Colplay

When the BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” rumor first surfaced, most people believed it would be a dream coming true for BTS, especially V, who’d repeatedly stated his dream of collaborating with Coldplay.

Indeed, this outstanding collaboration was ignited by BTS V’s wish. But then it became a dream for Chris Martin as well. In fact in the BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” documentary, Chris Martin mentioned that after the idea of BTS and Coldplay collaboration started, he didn’t understand how such collaboration would even be possible, “How would that work?” he thought.

3. Recording Process and Direction is by Chris Martin

In the documentary video, Chris Martin mentioned that he immediately wrote down “My Universe” because he thought it was a cool title.

Indeed, Chris Martin also mentioned in an interview that he created “My Universe” with a track he got from Bill Rahko and turned them into beautiful music on the same day.

“Bill Rahko made this loop with a bit of vocal on it, and I said, “Oh, please can I take that away?” And, I’m not a great driver, but I was driving around, and then the chorus of ‘My Universe’ just landed.”

Chris Martin

4. Hidden Messages behind “My Universe”

Being an unordinary love song, Chris Martin originally wanted “My Universe” to represent a love that transcends all borders

However, once it becomes a dream-come-true collaboration with BTS, various inspiring messages are embedded in the song. Extending the meaning towards the theme: “Not alone, but together.”

5. “East Meets West” Historical Collaboration

Finally, one of the essential undisclosed facts about BTS x Coldplay “My Universe” collaboration is how it becomes another “East Meets West” moment that will be forever engraved in music history. “My Universe” unites BTS from the East and Coldplay from the West. As brothers, creating one family in a brand-new universe they’ve created together.