YouTuber Muhammed Akief Teases His Fans With His 2020 Plans, Says “Some Surprises Are Worth The Wait”

The rule of quality over quantity is applicable almost everywhere. Be it in providing services, delivering products or creating content for that matter, people want to have the best of everything. In such a scenario, the best example one can ever have is of Muhammed Akief; the man who became an internet star with his viral content on YouTube. He took everyone’s attention with his first viral video titled ‘What happens when foreigners try to be like Arab’. Besides this, the video even went viral on Facebook as it crossed more than 100K views in no time. Since then, there has been no looking back for Akief.

He always wished to be an actor or director. Before making his foray into content creation, he made a short film. Unfortunately, the film was not properly executed as Muhammed did not have expertise in direction then. Born and brought up in the UAE, he is currently based in Kannur, Kerala. Most of his videos are Malayalam comedy videos which feature Muhammed along with his brothers Sabiq, Nihal and Arshad. His YouTube channel has seen a drastic growth in these years and currently, it has got more than 244K subscribers. One of the key reasons behind his phenomenal success is the fact that his videos are relatable to almost every individual.

Revealing his tactic about creating relatable content, he said, “The videos I create are from the real-life scenarios which must have happened to me or my friends. I add a little spice to it to make it funnier. I observe all the funny moments happening around me and I quickly note them down in my phone. I believe such moments might be happening with everyone and that is why people can relate to my content.” His latest work, ‘3 Idiots’, a Malayalam comedy video was released in October 2019 which will soon reach a milestone of half a million views. Akief also roared the loudest on TikTok as ‘The Wifi Password’ scene garnered more than 2.6 million views and 320K likes on his TikTok page. When asked about what new content he will offer to his fans in 2020, Muhammed Akief remained mum and stated that some surprises are worth the wait. Well, we are really excited about what new he has in the store for his fans.