YouTuber Bill Omar Arrested By FBI In A Massive $30 Million Piracy Fraud

Well-known YouTuber Bill OmarCarrasquillo has found himself in hot waters after the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocked on his door.

The YouTuber, who is better known by the name of ‘Omi In A Hellcat’ was arrested by the FBI for his involvement in a copyrighted content business which is considered a major federal crime.

The Fraud

Omi In A Hellcat runs a website that provides broadcast of TV channels in a pay-as-you-go model. The content is pirated and illegal as per the United States law.

Bill Omar made millions from his piracy scam business and converted the money into assets by buying physical properties. He has a host of real estate properties in Pennsylvania.

Bill flexes his luxurious lifestyle, villas, vehicles, and expensive jewelry in many of his YouTube videos. His channel has over 793k subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Apart from all this, more than 50 vehicles and a dozen of properties to Omi’s name have also been seized by the federal authorities.

‘Serious Federal Crime’

On September 21, the federal government indicted Omar on a total of 62 counts, including 19 counts of public performance of a protected work; six counts of wire fraud, among other alleged federal crimes.

The DOJ released an official statement after conducting in-depth investigation into the fraud that Bill Omar had been running for quite some time now.

“These defendants are charged with engaging in a massive, years-long scheme to steal copyrighted content, which is a serious federal crime.”

What Did The YouTuber Say?

The YouTuber would be sentenced to 500 Years+ in jail if he is convicted on all charges.

Omi, after securing the bond talked to a local news portal in Philadelphia. He said “I found a loophole, I ran through it and I did great. There is other colleagues in the same business I was in and they never got in trouble with the FBI.”

Omi In A Hellcat has also announced that he has already moved on to other business ventures to Fox 29 Philadelphia tabloid.


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