YouTube Rewind Canceled After 10 Years News

YouTube Rewind Canceled After 10 Years

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October 9, 2021

YouTube is officially cancelling the infamous YouTube Rewind video series. This comes after their hits and misses through the decades. The Rewind included cameos from celebrities to gamers and has been evolving. However, the series has been getting backlash and ridicule in recent years.

The Rewind series was started back in 2010 and was called, YouTube Rewind: A Year in Review. It was a simple Top 10 list format of the most popular uploads of the year. The Rewind was successful and received a lot of praise from people as it was a positive look at Youtube’s wide spectrum of content.

It became a yearly staple for the video-creating platform. However, YouTube Rewind changed its formula in 2012 as it became more popular. The Rewind included the most recognizable content creators from gamers to bloggers, etc. This did work for a few years but over time, Youtube’s impractical view of its platform led to backlash.

All of it went downhill for the series after the infamous 2018 Youtuber Rewind. Will Smith told viewers how much he loved Fortnite before all the odd selection of content creators began re-creating memes and praising people for using their voice. Viewers deemed it as insincere and made up which made it seem very out-of-touch.

Youtube Rewind was called cringe as users began mocking it. They were not pleased with the hand-picked creators who were seen as Youtube’s family-friendly creators. This is excluding all of the actually most popular channels. However, after the backlash, Game Rant reported that Youtube has confirmed that the series is cancelled until further notice.

Content Creators Have Started Their Own YouTube Rewind

People disliked the 2018 Rewind so much that it became the most disliked video of all time. This made the platform desperate as it shifted to a new direction. It uploaded a less-extravagant video in 2019 before missing Rewind in 2020 because of the pandemic. As per the site, Youtube Rewind will not be a star-studded production montage. The platform is shifting focus onto something else as they hint at some form of an interactive event instead.

Rewind has been a source of entertainment for people even if it were purely to make memes out of it. Many people will be upset that the yearly tradition is let go and few channels have begun to upload their own Rewind in recent years. These creators did not shy away from controversial creators and trends. Youtube has acknowledged that they will continue to support these channels while they take a back seat to explore a new medium.

Many people will also be glad that they do not have to watch celebrities doing Fortnite dances and few content creators self-praising each other around a campfire. They will also miss making memes out of it and the tradition will leave a void on the site. However, it could open up an opportunity for creators to celebrate their achievements yearly.

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