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Young Climate Strikers join worldwide Protests on Valentine’s Day

Young Climate Strikers have joined worldwide rallies on Valentine’s Day to build pressure on their governments and companies to declare Climate Emergency.

In Aberystwyth, the young demonstrators of Aberystwyth Extinction Rebellion and other earth lovers held banners proclaiming “The Sea Will Rise, So Will We” and “Stop Climate Crisis” as they marched from Caredigion Council to Town Centre on Friday. They also signed for Ceredigion Council to take serious actions. Students in several cities of United Kingdom also braved stormy condition to march through the streets chanting, “What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now.”
Students take part in Climate strike in Aberystwyth – CloutNews Exclusive
Naveed Arshad

Young Environment Scientist (originally from Pakistan) currently living and working in Aberystwyth University, UK. Working collaboratively with young scientists from Thailand, China, Pakistan, India, United Kingdom and United States of America on multidisciplinary research of climate change impacts on agriculture and plant biodiversity. He loves to share his ideas on Science & Technology, Sports, Lifestyle & Health, Entertainment and Politics here at Clout News.