YG Entertainment Announces Eco-Friendly Plastic After Blackpink’s Speech News

YG Entertainment Announces Eco-Friendly Plastic After Blackpink’s Speech

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Time icon November 3, 2021

Blackpink has been outspoken about its position on climate change; speaking to international leaders and utilising its platform to raise awareness about the urgent need for a better strategy to rescue the planet in recent years. Soon after, YG Entertainment announced eco-friendly plastic.

Blackpink is a group whose message is heard by a lot of young people; with over 100 million followers on all four members’ Instagram accounts; and a stunning 69 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Back in September, Blinks were ecstatic to learn that Blackpink had been elected as the representative advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals. Following their selection, members of Blackpink were confirmed to be included in a YouTube original series called ‘Dear Earth,’ where they will discuss climate change.

On October 24, members of the group gave a global speech titled “Dear Earth”; in which they implored people all across the world to join hands and work together to save the planet. Following that, Blackpink gave a heartfelt performance of their song “Stay,” urging fans to watch them address world leaders at the 26th Annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26); which took place in Glasgow on November 1 and 2.

Members of Blackpink spoke to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in partnership with COP26 on November 2; via video message from South Korea, outlining their goals and motives.

As the earth’s temperature continues to rise; Blackpink spoke on how the potential to make positive improvements to the planet’s climate predicament is slipping away from us. They stated that we must all act immediately; since the only way to achieve a significant change is for us to band together and make adjustments to our daily behaviours.

Blackpink Says Let’s Work Together For Our Planet

“let’s work together for our planet and take climate action in your area,” the members concluded their address. A representative of YG Entertainment said: “We are considering a ‘Digipack’ that uses paper as much as possible rather than plastic when making an album”. They went on to say that they are currently receiving and validating biodegradable plastic samples produced from corn starch; implying that the process of changing the label has been happening for quite some time.

Blinks, in their own unique way, take a step in the right direction as Blackpink does. Fans started complimenting the girls on this achievement as one said, “Let’s fight and unite to save our planet; we can still do it, as BLACKPINK says. Let’s beat today’s Climate Change. Fighting”. Another fan said, “I’m so proud of the pinks for using their huge reach in order to spread awareness about something like climate action; that affects literally everybody on this planet. They are truly the best girls. TOGETHER FOR OUR PLANET.”

One fan said, “Thank you for being the voice of our generation! We will stand hand in hand with BLACKPINK For a better future!! TOGETHER FOR OUR PLANET”. One proud fan said, “My pride, i really am very proud of the girls makes me understand that; i made the right choice to follow blackpink during these years, thank you very much”. One fan said, “I am really happy that they spoke about this because I’ve been really sad because our world is falling apart Thank you BLACKPINK.”

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