World’s First ‘Virtual’ Influencer From South Korea Rozy Makes $1 Million A Year

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to create virtual influencers and Rozy is one of them. Meet Rozy, South Korea’s first virtual influencer who is killing it across all social media platforms.

Rozy is famous for her toned body and beautiful facial features. Rozy was created in 2020 by Sidus Studio-X, a South Korean company. Meanwhile, Rozy has engaged with over 100 brand collaborations this year. Virtual models are in demand and considered above other celebrities as there are no time constraints or fear of scandal.

What Are Virtual Influencers ?

Social media influencers are taking up the marketing regime all over the world. It is a form of marketing that involves endorsements, promotion, and product placements from influencers, people and organizations, who have gained massive social influence in their field. If you are still figuring out what a virtual influencer is, you are at the right place. 

CGI or virtual influencer is a computer-generated character. They are fictional models created using graphics software. Virtual influencers carry a personality like any other human being and run social media platforms to influence the online audience. With a drastic change in environment to keep the audience engaged, brands are now moving closer to work with these virtual characters.

Rozy started in 2020

Initially, Rozy appeared in a YouTube commercial for an insurance company, which racked up 10 million views in a month. Her attractive looks and dancing skills contributed to the video going viral.

The second factor here was she gained more followers when people discovered that she isn’t real, and that’s where her popularity is growing day by day. Today her age is 22, and she looks quite a human being on her Instagram page, which has over 80,000 followers.


Future of Rozy

Rozy has already completed two different advertisements this month and signed the other eight contracts. Sidus Studio X CEO Baek Seung-yeop informed us during CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyeon-jung’s News Show.

He added that the company has already achieved its aimed profits through Rozy. In the same way, company’s targets for this remaining year is over 1 billion. In fact, the studio plans to release its voice and to cast her in movies and K-dramas soon.  

Virtual Influencers in-Demand

In the last decade, the rise of influencers marketing represents one of the most fundamental changes to the marketing and advertisement industries. Many creators are setting their sights on a new trend in this industry: Virtual influencers.

In comparison to human influencers, these characters come in many shapes, styles, and sizes and can take any personality. In a time where digital culture defines the future, brands must adapt to emerging media strategies. 

Virtual influencers are natives, can be anybody, anytime, and anywhere. Virtual Influencers being fake, can create real connections they don’t age. They are the new perfect as they are more flexible to work with. Virtual Influencers are widely acceptable and have the potential to attract more fanbases across the globe. On the contrary, human influencers have limited demographic reach.  


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