WHY Was Taylor Swift Seen In Revenge Dress

Just few hours before releasing the re-recorded version of her album, ‘RED’, Taylor Swift showed up in a talk show in a stunning black dress. Which is very reminiscent of Princess Diana’s famous ‘Revenge Dress’.

Taylor Swift showed up on Late Night With Seth Meyers on the afternoon of November, 11. It was just hours before dropping Red (Taylor’s Version). The singer looked absolutely stunning for the talk show appearance. Wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress with low-cut neckline and black heels. Her look was complete with dangling earrings, and her hair styled straight and with bangs, just like the Red era. Of course, she had her pop of red lipstick, as well!

Taylor Swift Seen In Revenge Dress

Fans went delighted over the stunning photos of Taylor Swift making a rare talk show appearance. It didn’t take long for Taylor fans to figure out why Tay’s outfit looked kind of familiar. The look is quite similar to the famous Princess Diana “Revenge Dress”, which the late royal wore in 1994. Diana’s version had short sleeves, compared to the long ones on Taylor’s version, but overall, the looks were quite similar.

princess diana

Why Taylor Wore That Revenge Dress?

This dress of Diana from 1994, become famous when Prince Charles publicly confessed to cheating on her. Diana wore the little black dress on the very same night, which is how it got named the “Revenge Dress”. Fans have pointed out that Taylor’s re-release of Red is her very own version of revenge against Scooter Braun. As well as her former record label, Big Machine Records. Taylor first recorded Red in 2012. It was one of six albums that she released under Big Machine before leaving the label in 2018.

Twitter Trolls Jake Gyllenhaal & Call It ‘Redemption’

The singer’s former partner Jake Gyllenhaal has been the subject of rumors that the re-recorded version of the album is about him. The fans went crazy because they thought a few songs would make fun of the Hollywood star.

Despite the fact that the 31-year-old singer has been chastised for composing sad and heartbreaking songs about her ex-boyfriends; she continued to express her thoughts on the re-recorded version. In 2010, the ‘Blank Space’ singer dated Gyllenhaal for a short time.

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