“Why run with the Jackals, when you can hunt with the Lions!” – SEO Expert Lance Bachmann

A look at the top 2019 SEO events and the growing digital marketing community

Handling internet marketing and SEO can baffle even the savviest business owner. Often, it’s best to bring in a professional or get advice from one to make sure things are done right. Through his SEO events, Lance Bachmann helps people learn about SEO and take their business to the next level. 

Bachmann has spoken at many of the most elite events and expos in the marketing industry around the world, including US Search Awards, JD Power, Pubcon, Neocon, Ungagged, and the Service World Expo in Las Vegas.

 “I love speaking on large stages because I can make an impact on so many people at once,” Lance said. “It’s still a rush to walk out onto any stage.”

Born February 04, 1974, in Philadelphia, Lance Bachmann is an Irish/German national and the founder of 1SEO, a company that specializes in digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, website design, and social media marketing. They serve all types of companies around the world, including car dealerships, dentists, electricians, gyms, landscapers, lawyers, and anyone who needs a little help with their digital presence.

“I’m proud of 1SEO, and who we are, how we came up, our beliefs, our core values,” Bachmann said at one of his events last year. “I’ll tell our story anywhere without thinking twice about it.”

Bachmann’s company 1SEO was formed in 2009 near Philadelphia. It started out small but quickly grew. They now employ over 100 expert digital marketers, and they serve over 1,000 local and national clients.

Bachmann doesn’t just speak at huge, high-profile events. He believes it’s important to build a business community in his hometown of Philadelphia. He speaks at smaller events throughout the area, including the Philadelphia Business Expo, Philly Startup Week, and many others.

Lance is also enthusiastic about teaching those who are up and coming in the marketing industry. He regularly speaks in classrooms at Temple University, UPenn, Penn State, and LaSalle University. 

“Education is everything to me,” Bachmann said. “I want to help as many young people excel as possible. Everyone wins when we lift each other up.”

Social media is the way of the future, so it’s important to understand it if you want your business to be great and pull in new customers. Lance Bachmann speaks to many crowds a year to help them up their digital marketing game. If you need help with your online presence, seeing Lance at an event could do a great deal to help you get out of your rut.

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