Why did Yumna Zaidi Thank Her Fans? News

Why did Yumna Zaidi Thank Her Fans?

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Time icon August 27, 2020

Pakistani actress Yumna Zaidi has thanked her fans for appreciating her acting skills. Actress Yumna Zaidi, who has given one hit and successful drama after another to the Pakistani drama industry, has thanked her fans for praising her acting skills through the photo, video sharing application Instagram Story.

Yumna Zaidi, 31, thanked his fans on his Insta Story, saying: We are sending love to them from all over the world.


Every beloved actress Yemeni Zaidi’s dramas are being aired on various private channels of Pakistan at the moment in which she is playing different roles and showing her acting and getting good praise from the people.

Yumna Zaidi’s drama serial ‘Raz-e-Ulfat’ aired on Geo is also being liked by the people. This drama has a unique story and she played the main character in this drama. Her drama “payar k sadqay” got a lot of fame.

Pakistani television actress, Yumna Zaidi is on a roll since her ongoing drama ‘Pyar Ke Sadqe’ got a huge success. In the drama, she is sharing the screen alongside Bilal Abbas,

The on-screen pair won the hearts of many. Even, this serial is a perfect choice to change the mood in quarantine blues. Well, she often shares a lot of stuff on social media to treat her fans. This time, Yumna Zaidi shares a powerful message with fans on her Instagram.

Yumna Zaidi

The actress took to her Instagram and shared a powerful message during the quarantine period. She always wants to encourage fans to fight against the deadly coronavirus with patience as it has a reward indeed,

The actress shared a photo of herself and also captioned that gives a message amid coronavirus outbreak. Also, it spread positive vibes to support those who are struggling with the battle against the virus.

Yumna Zaidi shares a powerful message with fans. Check out her post and you guys feel much better!

The ‘Zara Yad Kar’ actress has given back to back super hit drama serials including ‘Pukar’, Ishq Zahe-Naseeb’ and ‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’.

Yumna Zaidi is an extraordinary actress who is known for playing challenging roles. Even at a young age, Yumna Zaidi opted to play roles that were character-driven. She is known for her powerful portrayals just as much as she is for the wisdom with which she chooses her projects.

Her acting career started purely by chance. Although she loved performing for others since she was a child, she never planned a career in showbiz. She got her early education from Convent therefore she was raised under strict rules. As a result of that Yumna believes that there is still some fear in her perhaps that of authority.

Growing up, Yumna was a tomboy, she loved flying kites and she used to play with boys more than girls. She has a strong faith in God and is thankful to Him for giving her the status she enjoys today. Yumna takes acting really seriously while performing she automatically transitions to a state which she cannot even understand herself.

She takes each one of her performances really seriously. She never takes the fame and recognition she has for granted. She is also constantly fearful of losing her ‘superpower’ because acting to her is just that!

Yumna Zaidi Age:

Yumna was born on July 30, 1989, she is 30 years old.

Yumna Zaidi Education:

She did her Masters from Home Economics College of Lahore. Soon after doing her Masters, she moved with her family to the US.

Yumna Zaidi Family:

She has two older sisters and a younger brother. Her father Zameendar Zaidi recently passed away. Yumna was born in Karachi but she was brought up mostly in Arif Wala.

Later on, she moved to Lahore for further studies. Her family has been exceptionally supportive throughout her entire career. All her family and relatives sit down to watch her dramas and they always appreciate her work.

yumna zaidi2

Yumna’s siblings in particular make her feel like she is the best actress in Pakistan. This support that she gets from her family gives her the encouragement she needs to keep on working hard.

Yumna Zaidi Father

Yumna Zaidi father

Her name is Zameendar Zaidi. He passed away due to a heart attack in 2019 during Ramazan. She shared a special bond with her father. She announced the sad demise of her father in an emotional Instagram post.

Yumna Zaidi Mother

Her mother’s name is Shabana Naheed Zaidi. She is really active on social media and uses the platform to spread awareness about religion.

Yumna speaks really fondly about her mother in every interview. Her mother played a major role in ensuring that all the children had a good upbringing. Yumna, in particular, is really close to her mother and her mother has always supported her in pursuing an acting career.


Even now, Yumna Zaidi asks her mother for suggestions when she has to go to a show or work in a drama concerning what she should wear. Yumna Zaidi takes the help of her mother in every field of life and she is her best friend.

Yumna Zaidi Sister

She has too older sisters. Their names are Mehreen Zaidi and Alizah. Yumna’s sister played a major role in bringing her into the entertainment industry. Famous actor Affan Waheed is good friends with Yumna’s sister. He was the one who asked her to play a supporting role in a drama and that is when the journey started. Yumna was in grade 8 at that time.

Yumna Zaidi Husband

She isn’t yet married although her mother wants her to settle down now. The reason for this is that Yumna has a certain ideal and she has not found that person yet. She made it quite clear that hers will be an arranged marriage but she wants certain qualities in her husband.

Yumna thinks that she has a dominating and controlling personality. Therefore, she would much rather marry someone who has a strong personality. She wants her husband to be the one dominating the relationship and she has not found someone like that yet.

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