One of the most popular slang terms of the last few years has been ‘clout chaser’. You see people using the word Clout Chaser on the internet all the time. But what does Clout Chaser really mean?

Meaning of Clout Chaser

Put simply, Clout Chaser is used to describe a person who desperately tries to seek more attention, popularity, influence, and of course, more followers.

Example: Emily always wants attention. She is a Clout Chaser.

Clout Chaser is a person, many times a desperate one, who does things only with the intention of being talked about and getting popular quickly. There are many ways a person can chase clout. All clout chasers are different.


Urban Dictionary’s definition of a clout chaser is a person that only hangs with certain people or starts beef (a fight or controversy) with others to gain popularity.

Pretending to be someone you are not just to attract the attention of others is also clout chasing. People who excessively flex their lifestyle on social media or exploit the algorithms (using fake bots) to seek attention and to gain more engagement on their posts are clout chasers. 

Clout Chaser Example in a Sentence

Clout Chaser in a sentence:

  • Tom always boasts his car collection on TikTok to get attention. He is such a clout chaser.
  • Sarah loves to get into controversies because she is a clout chaser.

Some clout chasers take the clout chasing concept to the next level where they can possibly do anything for clout.

Is Clout Chasing Negative?

Clout Chasing is a term that majorly has negative connotations. When you hear about someone being a clout chaser, you automatically think about them as being desperate for attention. Many influencers lose their credibility and relevance because they are too busy chasing clout.

However, contrary to popular belief, it not always negative thing to be a clout chaser. If you are trying to be a genuine person and bring attention to important things that really matter, some of your attention-seeking gimmicks may be ignored by the internet to focus on the greater good that you are preaching.

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