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Clout News is a leading entertainment publication that keeps the readers updated with all the happenings of the showbiz industry. Our online news portal covers stories from Hollywood, Bollywood, Television, Music, and more. 

Now we plan to connect at a more personal level with our readers and give them deeper insights of the entertainment world through the Clout Newsletter.

But well, it’s just another newsletter on the internet! So why would you consider subscribing to it? Here are five reasons why you should not miss out on our monthly dose of entertainment:

All Entertainment Gossips At One Place

The entertainment industry is massive and each day brings new stories – Be it your favorite celebrity getting married or your favorite K-Pop band releasing a new album, how can one expect to keep up-to-date when there is so much happening around? Clout Newsletter brings all the major headlines that matter to you directly to your inbox, once a month.

Exclusive Celebrity Interviews and Games

Signing up for our newsletter will also bring you loads of exciting and exclusive content in the form of interviews with celebrities, rapid fire and would-you-rather game sessions, and more. We have interviewed famous personalities like Lady Victoria Hervey, Sean Borg, and Valerie Grand to name a few.

Keeps You Updated With What’s Trending

Don’t you hate it when your friends are discussing Kanye West’s latest Yeezy collection and you have no idea what they are talking about. You need to stop living under a rock and sign up for the Clout Newsletter. Once a month, we familiarize you with all the trends that famous celebrities are up to.

Saves Your Time

By far the greatest advantage of signing up to the monthly Clout newsletter is saving your time from reading lengthy and boring celebrity stories on other websites. We break down the news content into simple and reader-friendly bites that save your time!

Absolutely Free

There are so-called premium entertainment newsletters that give you the same information as us for a subscription fee. Clout Newsletter does it for absolutely no cost for the readers. We are not going to bombard you with spam or promotional emails either, a big heads up!

Clout Newsletter is designed for the ease of our readers to give them all at one place. Be a part of the community to not miss out on the entertainment stories from the glamor industry!