Anthony Johnson, A Comedian And Actor, Died At The Age Of 55

According to his representative LyNea Bell, Anthony Johnson, the comedian and actor who played the legendary Ezal in the film Friday, has died.

He was 55 years old at the time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, no further information about his death has been provided. “We’ve lost a legend. Bell told THR, “He will be deeply missed.”

House Party, Menace II Society, and Lethal Weapon 3 were among the many television shows and films in which the actor, also known as “A.J. Johnson,” appeared.

He also appeared in the I Got the Hook-Up film series.

Meanwhile, the Compton, California-based stand-up comedian earned his big break in 1990 when he was cast as E.Z.E. in the Kid ‘n Play classic House Party.