WATCH – James Anderson Left No Words While Having A Verbal Battle With Virat Kohli On The Field

Virat Kohli and James Anderson are going to see each other’s winning fight in the Test series between India and England (battle and bat).

Apart from that, the atmosphere became even more tense during the second innings of Lord’s Test match on the fourth day, when the two players clashed in a verbal battle. This incident occurred while Virat Kohli was batting in India’s second innings. He was moving to the bowling end to throw the ball during the 17th over of India’s second innings.

He muttered something to Virat Kohli, who was standing at the non-end, striker’s on the way. Where was Virat going to be, and how did he quiet Anderson with an appropriate response?

Verbal Battle Between Virat And Anderson

Virat Kohli responded to Anderson by saying, “This is the pitch, and here you are running.” This isn’t your residence. After listening to Virat Kohli, Anderson does not say anything and goes to bowl. The footage of Virat and Anderson’s confrontation is quickly going popular on social media.

Let us inform you that Virat Kohli struggled in both innings of the Lord’s Test match. While he hit 42 home runs in the first inning, he only hit 20 in the second. Virat Kohli was removed by Ollie Robinson in the first innings, then caught by Sam Curran in the second.

James Anderson, on the other side, bowled brilliantly against India in the first innings, taking 5 wickets. In the first innings, India scored 364 runs, while England responded with 391 runs.


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