Viral YouTuber Airrack Unbelievably Sneaked Into Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Fight News

Viral YouTuber Airrack Unbelievably Sneaked Into Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Fight

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Time icon June 10, 2021

Erik Frost A.K.A Airrack has done it yet again! The insanely popular viral content creator on YouTube is known for creating sensational videos. He is more often than not a talk of the town every time drops a new video! This time, he has revealed that he snuck into the Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul exhibition fight. How did he manage to crash in the biggest fight of the year?

Airrack is not new to sneaking into fights. In late 2020, he snuck into Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul’s fight against Nate Robinson. The exclusive main fight that day was between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. He published a video titled ‘SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs. Nate Robinson!’ on his YouTube channel. This time, he posted a video titled ‘Sneaking into Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather FIGHT’

The Sneaking Plan

Floyd and Logan fought in Miami in the prestigious Hard Rock stadium. The official guidelines had Airrack banned from entering into the fight premises and that just acted as an extra incentive for him to get this done and shock the world. In his YouTube video, he shows how he had planned the mischief and also says that he would ‘retire’ from sneaking into fights if this turned out to be succesful.

To sneak into the exhibition stadium, Airrack took the help of an anonymous source. The secret guy was probably a journalist or a media person who lent his media ID to the You Tuber inorder for him to access the fight. In the video, the You Tuber calls the secret source up and asks him to reveal his identity but the guy says “NO NO NO, You have to hide my identity or else I’ll lose my job’. This is where the things kick-off.

Airrack and his team meet the guy who is helping them sneak into the Hard Rock stadium in-person. He shows the ID to the camera but of course, it was blurred out. They then proceed to the venue.

Executing The Plan

Airrack would have been arrested if the ID plan would have failed but to his fortune, he was able to dodge the guards. After reaching the Hard Rock stadium, the YouTube star approached one of the security guards infront of the entrance but his media ID plan did not go through. Later, the team decided to use fake entry pass and it worked!

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match fit 'legalized robbery'

‘You’ve got to be kidding me right now’, Airrack says to the camera while he was entering inside legally using a FAKE PASS.

Returning Back Floyd Mayweather’s Hat

Airrack and his team also managed to reach the back hall and waited near Floyd Mayweather’s locker room. Once Floyd was walking to the ring, Airrack and his team tried to return the hat that Logan’s brother Jake had stolen from Floyd. The famous ‘Gotcha Hat’ was born when Jake took Floyd Mayweather’s hat two weeks ago.

Jake Paul Gets 'Gotcha Hat' Tattoo To Remember His Floyd Mayweather Brawl

After several failed attempts of delivering Floyd’s hat back to him, Airrack slid it inside the ring in Floyd’s corner after the match was over. He says in the video that he is certain the hat must have reached Floyd post-match. Inside the hat, he also wrote “Property Of The Mafia”. Mafia is Airrack’s exclusive community and now it is obvious that Floyd is a member of the Mafia since he has got the hat! A happy ending to what started as “Gothcha Hat” and end as “Property Of The Mafia”. Floyd Mayweather’s hat will have a special mention in the history books!

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