Vince Tome Unveils a Champion’s Mindset in the “Art of Thinking”

What makes someone a true champion? Is it working hard and living a healthy lifestyle? Well, inherently, it is about what is in the mind. A champion is someone who sets his mind to goals and does everything necessary to achieve them. It is the mindset of a champion that makes him a winner. However, it is a lot tougher than what most people think. Sheer willpower and focus are the essential elements for achieving a champion’s mindset. Usain Bolt, Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan, and Roger Federer are not natural-born champions but became champions simply by controlling their mind and body. Vince Tome, young and full of zest, is on a mission to teach everyone what it takes to attain a champion’s mindset.

A native of Royal Oak, Michigan, Tome was born on January 4, 1992. An avid fan of baseball, he played the game professionally but aspired to become an entrepreneur. Being a third-generation craftsman, he went on to establish D&V Customs along with his father, Dennis Tome. The company specializes in creating custom cabinetry and designing closets. As a young man full of hopes, dreams, and a will to achieve maximum success in life, Tome wanted to experience more out of life. He started the podcast “The Art of Thinking” to share with others how to think and act like a champion.

According to Tome, “These are the two main elements which enable a person to go from ordinary to extraordinary.” He aims to motivate the younger generation to “not settle with whatever comes their way but to strive hard and achieve exactly what you want.”

Since its debut, the podcast has grown to have an avid listener base and has received acclaim from both critics and listeners. The “Art of Thinking” ranks as one of the top-performing podcasts on iTunes. On top of that, together with his father, Tome launched the Vincenzo Collection, which sells high-end luxury items, such as watches, sunglasses, bracelets, and more. When asked about this business, he says, “I wanted to give my customers the best luxurious items without having to pay the heavy price tag. I truly believe that everybody deserves the best.” On Instagram, he has more than 16,000 followers, which has brought a huge spike to the business. A carpenter, a businessman, and a podcaster, Tome surely is a real-life champion.

As for those who aspire to be a champion, “the mind and the body need to work in tandem,” Tome says. If either one is slightly weaker than the other, the results can be disappointing, if not dangerous. It is very important to train both the body and the mind. Once they both become strong, nobody can stop you from being a true champion.