Video of Jos Butler 124 in 64 balls : 8 Sixes : IPL 2021 News

Video of Jos Butler 124 in 64 balls : 8 Sixes : IPL 2021

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October 6, 2021

Rajasthan Royals vs Sunriser Hyderabad, 02 May 2021, 03:30 PM IST

Match Result : Rajasthan Royals won by 55 runs

Player of the Match : Jos Butler

Match Report : It’s not a great thing to do a large number of setup changes in the middle of a season and a loss of this magnitude undoubtedly dented SRH further. They need to sort out a few things off the field, before they set on it next time around. The Royals rejoiced this win, one of their biggest wins overall in IPL.

Kane Williamson | SRH skipper: “A tough day. A very competitive total from RR. It was Jos’ day and he was outstanding. With the bat you do need to get a few things to go your way and when you’re losing wickets it makes it all the more harder to chase 220.

We have had a lot of challenges over the last three weeks, but we need to make small adjustments and put in improved performances. Jos and Sanju were key, so we wanted Rashid to bowl as many deliveries as possible against them. It is a bit of character building for us, so we just need to swallow it and move ahead.

This game can change quickly and it is a game of fine lines. We just need to be clear of what we want to do each day. [On leaving the fifth bowler for the end] It wasn’t the initial plan, but we wanted to use our resources and it was a decision we had to make. Those are the risks you need to take and not let the game just unfold.”

Sanju Samson: “Always a pleasure to bat with Jos (Buttler). Enjoyed the partnership. Whenever he goes on we win games. Having Jos in good frame of mind is great news for us. It was a clinical performance and we knew that they have a good line-up, so just sticking to our plans and executing pleased me the most.

Our bowlers have been doing really well for the last 5-6 games, proud of them. Happy to lead a team with special bowlers in the team. If you look at the results, we haven’t won enough but we have been playing good cricket. IPL is a funny tournament, the results are just here and there.

Just one person, one ball, one over can change everything.So just keep telling your players that they are doing well. It’s all about trusting your game, trusting your teammates and results will follow I guess.”

Jos Buttler | Player of the Match: “Sometimes you would have to swallow your ego and accept that things haven’t been happening like you would like them to or you don’t feel in perfect touch or you are not picking up the ball well and just give yourself some time and find a way. I like to be aggressive and scoring at a strike rate from the outset but sometimes that isn’t possible.

Just try and stay in and to keep the belief that at some point something will click and you will turn that around. It’s a small ground. The longer you take the game, the more balls you face you can capitalize at the end but of course you got some great players sat on the sidelines as well.

So you don’t want to feel like you are taking balls and not pushing the game on as much as you can, but you know that you the longer you are out of the crease, the more chance you are giving yourself. I think that’s been the theme of the IPL.”

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