Vertical and Horizontal Integration: How Baskal Korkis Ingrained himself in the Real Estate Investment Industry

Despite finding success early in his career, Baskal Korkis has always had a vision for vertical and horizontal integration in the real estate industry. Korkis realized that in order to thrive as a real estate investor and capture as much of the market as possible, it actually behooved him to become a real estate entrepreneur as well. Korkis understands that, as a real estate investor, there are multiple complementary markets and adjacent industries that any real estate investor needs to make use of during a deal. Always putting himself and his business in a position to grow, Korkis is now completely vertically as well as horizontally integrated as a real estate investor and entrepreneur; Korkis also spends a great deal of time formally educating students on how to develop their careers in his image. 

With his first real estate success at the very young age of 14, Korkis has built an empire in his own vision. Now, at the age of 35, Korkis is a prominent real estate investor with over 16 buildings in and around the Tampa Bay area. Korkis has been able to rapidly expand both his real estate investment capacity as well as his margins and returns due to his unique decision to also become a real estate entrepreneur as well. While many successful entrepreneurs, in real estate and otherwise, stick to the vertical they find success in and try to capture as much of that market as possible, Korkis separates himself from the pack with his passion for and success with starting new businesses in markets that complement his real estate investing. This is the modus operandi behind his concept of vertical and horizontal integration. 

Beyond his established real estate investment business, Korkis is a flourishing serial entrepreneur. Brilliantly putting himself in the position to both ensure the long-term success of his investments as well as profit from the deals surrounding his real estate investing business, Korkis has no plans on slowing down any time soon. First, Korkis is the owner of Korkis Rentals where he runs a property management business as well as a real estate consulting business. Korkis manages more than 30 residential and commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area, including but not limited to buildings he is invested in; with this business, Korkis is able to both ensure a quality product for renters as well as secure another revenue stream that complements his investment business. For his consulting practice, Korkis specializes in foreclosure prevention and has improved the productivity of business clientele by implementing cost-reduction strategies and conducting SWOT analysis.

Korkis is also the owner of a financial services company called Korkis Financial Services DBA East Lake Mortgage where he specializes in 1- 4 family purchase and refinance loans. Yet again, Korkis is able to brilliantly capture more of the surrounding complementary real estate investment market in order to both diversify his entrepreneurship portfolio and increase his profits. As the owner of East lake Insurance and Taxes, Korkis helps corporations and individuals prepare federal, state, and local tax returns as well as to provide payroll and bookkeeping services.

In addition to his real estate investment, rental, consulting, financial services, mortgage, and accounting businesses, Korkis also owns and operates an insurance agency focusing on real estate investments. Clearly, Korkis is not only a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, but he is also the model of vertical and horizontal integration with his ability to help his clients at every turn as well as with his ability to save time and money on all of his diverse deals, utilizing his complementary businesses.  

Korkis’s integration actually goes one step deeper, embracing the new world of social media as well as a radical sense of inclusivity, not typically emphasized in the business world hitherto. Korkis is passionate about and committed to educating the people on the various industries he does business in as well as how to emulate his success and unique path. Utilizing his strongInstagramYoutube, and LinkedIn presence, Korkis is able to give free advice to his followers. However, beyond this free educational content, Korkis is also a formal educator selling comprehensive online courses educating students on the real estate industry, illustrating how to follow in his footsteps, and giving them financial tips not typically taught in a university. 

Korkis is the optimal person to teach students about the industry and how to become an investor and entrepreneur precisely because he has actually done these things himself. Surprising as it may sound, many educators, online and in-person, do not actually have the necessary experience needed to properly teach their students. As the old adage goes, those who do, do and those who can’t, teach; Korkis does both. 

Moreover, Korkis goes beyond giving authentic education by actually being in a position to help his students get their start and thrive in the industry, due to the multiple companies he owns in the surrounding markets. Korkis is able to provide meaningful assistance to his graduates at every step of their real estate investment journey with his rental and consulting firm, his financial services, mortgage, and accounting firm, as well as his insurance agency; this is Korkis’s completely unique and fully integrated value-add. To that point, after completing the course, Korkis will then credit back the cost of the course towards the refinance cost or purchase mortgage cost for his graduates.

His track record speaks for itself as he has helped an abundance of students find financial independence via successful real estate investments, some even as young as 19.

Through sound real estate investments, his voracious appetite for serial real estate entrepreneurship, and his radical and authentic drive to educate, Baskal Korkis has completely outshined the competition. Undoubtedly, Korkis is the paradigmatic modern investor and entrepreneur because of his unparalleled vision of future opportunities and his ability to take risks that pay off


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