Valkyrae And Corpse Husband Secretly Met In-Person Last Week

The fans of streamer Valkyrae and the faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband are losing it after the former revealed that they met one another face to face.

Valkyrae and Corpse Husband have been friends for the longest time now. However, the two never met face-to-face. That has now been checked after Valkyrae had a secret meet-up with the faceless YouTuber last week.

Valkyrae And Corpse Husband Friendship

The two sparked a good friendship bond when Valyrae invited Corpse Husband in her Among Us lobby. Since then, the two regularly play games together and fans love it.

The face reveal of Corpse Husband went viral on Twitter last month and this is one of the major fears that he has which stopped him from meeting Valkyrae as well.

Now, Valkyrae gave a huge hint that she has met with the faceless YouTuber.

‘I No Longer Have My Silver Brick’

She said “I did meet a few people and I love my friends.” While there is complete possibility she is talking about a regular meetup, her next statement breaks the ice.

“I no longer have my silver brick. That’s all I’m going to say,” she added.

Fans immediately guessed that she is talking about Corpse Husband. The faceless YouTuber has wanted Valkyrae’s silver brick and she promised to gift it to him when they meet.

Now that Valkyrae doesn’t have her Silver Brick anymore, it is obvious as to who has gotten it as a gift. Corpse Husband has not confirmed their meet so far.

Fan Reactions

Fans were very happy upon hearing that the two stars finally met in-person.

“This made me so happy. I love that they’re all supportive of each other,” wrote one fan. “I’m so glad they got to hang out in person at last. I’m sure it was especially nice for both of them. What a beautiful friendship!” wrote another.


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