Urwa Hocane Thinks Karachiites Should Be Responsible for floods

Karachi is drowning. In the aftermath of excessive monsoon rains, urban flooding has become the biggest pain for the citizens. People have drowned, some have lost their properties, some are locked in their homes, while some cannot reach home.

In the midst of all the pressure and tragedy that has ensued, Karachiites have been questioning the government as to why they won’t pay attention to the city that runs the GDP of the country. But, Urwa Hocane (as always!) has something intelligent to say.

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What Did Urwa Say This Time?

Urwa, this time around, has possibly got herself into another controversy yet again. When social media is flooded with people questioning the government, she thinks the citizens should be doing more than what they already are. She thinks that they need to work hand in hand with the government to ensure the actions are taken against the disaster the rains have caused.

But one must ask her, what else have we been doing all the while? It is only the Karachiites that are helping each other and sustaining the city, while the government has been sleeping.

Her Controversial Tweets:

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Before we get on to how the internet roasted Urwa this time, here is what she posted on Twitter:

“No doubt the government didn’t care about the city but did we ! time to stop complaining & do something on our own & fix at least our own colony issues in Karachi ! We can’t even stop throwing the garbage everywhere we like. Gov doesn’t have a magic wand! #KarachiRains

“Considering the people who have to work hand in hand with the gov! How many of you can come up with a solution? Why we we started somewhere. Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa! #KarachiRains ”

How Did People Respond?

This goes without saying that the people of Karachi have no chill. Those who are drowned in their homes with no electricity in the last 48 hours aren’t ready to listen to what she has to say. Someone who isn’t in Karachi to witness the havoc that has been created here cannot simply comment on what people are doing and what people aren’t.

Here are some tweets to show you how people gave Urwa their piece of mind

Everything is easier said than done. While we respect Urwa for raising her voice and using social media to instigate the positive change, there is no denying that it is only the spirit of the people of Karachi that has still kept the city alive. It is only people working together to ensure that we help each other. Hence, it isn’t fair to comment on something she isn’t exactly aware of.

Urwa hocane Profession:

Urwa Tul Wusqua Hussain, better known by her stage name Urwa Hocane is a Pakistani media personality, model, and actress. Hocane made her film debut in the 2014 romantic comedy Na Maloom Afraad.

Early life and career:

Hocane was born in Karachi, but she grew up in Islamabad where she completed her education from Bahria College, Islamabad. She is the sister of another television actress Mawra Hocane. As a teenager,

she performed as a theatre artist before she started working as a VJ for ARY Musik. As a sign of filial devotion to her younger sibling Mawra, when Urwa started her career she chose to use the name Hocane and over time, it stuck.

Urwa Hocane Career:

Urwa Hocane made her acting debut with leading role in the 2012 romantic drama Meri Ladli alongside Ahsan Khan and Sajal Ali. She later appeared in serials such as Kahi Un Kahi, and Madiha Maliha. Her portrayal of a girl subjected to family pressures and a forced wedding in Marasim.

She made her film debut in the 2014 romantic comedy Na Maloom Afraad opposite Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh. The film received generally positive reviews,

She was praised for her performance. She was offered Ekta Kapoor’s Bollywood film Azhar alongside Emran Hashmi, which she refused saying, she was not going to do kissing and bold scenes on screen

In January 2019, Hocane announced her first project as a producer, a romantic film with husband Farhan Saeed titled Tich Button. They are producing the film together.In March Hocane posted picture from her shooting spell of Tich Button at Nankana Sahib, on her Instagram account.

In June 2019, she launched her clothing line in collaboration with her sister Mawra Hocane.

In 2020, she starred in the television series Mushk opposite Imran Ashraf.


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