Upcoming New Jersey Phenomenon “Hefna380” is proving his bragging rights as top New Jersey artist.

Hefna380 has just stepped his foot on the scene, reigning from the great state of New Jersey, the 19 Year old artist is truly paving the way for young artist on the east coast. Hefna barrels from many different genres in his music. His first song ever released september 20th of 2019 , titled “I Gotta Go” produced by jersey native “jflex” , comes to be listed as one of the most versatile songs to be released in the last year of the decade. The songs flow is switched up so many times it exemplifies hefna380’s Own unique flow. In this release he really showed all of his power and mite in his first song, a very unique line listed in “I gotta go” started in the early hook of the song “see I gotta switch up on the fake ones who claiming they my friend now”, hefna is giving a lot of unique details about what he is currently trying to do and has to do in order to live his normal life, showing the things that bother him on a daily basis. The song garnered in at over 50,000 plays showing why this artist is nobody to play around with when it comes to spitting on a beat. 

Born in Brooklyn raised in New Jersey, the young “real rockstar” has a lot to prove coming out of the jersey scene. On October 25th 2019, Hefna380 released his second annual track titled, “Real Rockstar”, the rocking almost three minute long track is a biography and lifestyle explaining behind hefnas everyday life. A highly memorable line in `Real Rockstar’ “we pour champagne now, all the demons taking up my brain now”, hefna is stating that the problems going on in his head saying `let’s pour champagne is a way of relieving stress. From September 20th to present Hefna380 has coped with living his life as a real professional rockstar doing shows in many different cities, featuring in many different press sites, and doing exclusive interviews with some of the top press sites in the U.S.

 December 13th a day very remarkable for Hefna380 , he released his first ever , ‘EP/Album’ titled, “We Can Finally Rage” the three song EP, features tracks “Livin in A Dream”, “Save Me” and “Next Up” outro. According to many different media sites, hefna states the Ep name has came from him telling the fans we can finally do this, we can finally rage ,giving them more than just the first two tracks he released, basically stating that “he flooded his fans and supporters with so much music that they can rage out like it’s a party”. “Livin in A Dream” is a very artsy track you don’t hear a lot ,it has many different flows , a full song of excitement, justifying hefnas occurrences, “Save Me” is a mellow track filling you with ‘awh’ the whole way. Hefna has stated this track means a lot to him, females using him for his “currency” and not seeing him for what he has in the inside, his heart. The third and final track “next up outro”, he is saying it loud and clear, “I thought I told you guys I was next up” clearly stating that he has been proven himself to the world and their are still people out there trying to doubt him. With this EP hefna has released, he has ended the decade with a bang, starting his musical career on September 20th, 2019, and ending the year with 5 total bangers released, we are certainly excited to watch hefna on his come up and to see what he has in store for 2020.