Twitch Streamer xQc Uninstalls FIFA 22 After A Horrible Loss

The famous Twitch streamer xQc has rage quit yet another game! But this time it did not just stop at rage-quitting!

xQc went on to even uninstall the FIFA 22 game from his computer. The game releases fully next month on October 05, 2021. But what made xQc react this way? A horrible loss in the Ultimate Team mode of the game!

What Happened?

xQc played the game on his stream for an hour or two but the final match made him lose his mind. He lost by a huge goal margin in the match and immediately lashed out at the game!

Just by the half-time, the streamer was at 6-0 scoreline against him. And by the end of second half, the margin had stretched even further away from him. He scored two goals the in the second half but that was all from his side.

“I’m gonna say it: soccer is one of the most dogs**t sports to ever exist, it’s an embarassment to humankind. I said it, get mad,” xQc shouted after he saw his opponent scored yet again.

“Keep malding, and I want to make sure people understand: it is not ‘football,’ it’s soccer.”

xQc Uninstalls FIFA 22

While xQc was at his rant, the opponent got an opportunity to score yet again! The final score line of the match was 8-2.

The streamer rage quitted from the FIFA 22 game and went on uninstall the game completely without saying any word further.

xQc even rage quitted the GTA RP Server recently because of a glitch in the game that made him to get caught during a police chase in the game.


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