Twitch Streamer Daequan Talks About His Five Year Long Sickness

YouTuber and Streamer Daequan took a hiatus from his streaming career in 2019. While he promised it would be a ‘short’ break to focus on his health, the promise didn’t come out to be true.

Daequan disappeared from the public eye for more than 500 days. He recently revealed that he is finally going to make a comeback on Twitch and YouTube. But what kept Daequan away for so long?

We know that his health wasn’t in the best form and Daequan wanted to focus more on it. But what actually happened to him? The situation reached a point where the streamer couldn’t do any sort of physical activity, play any sport, or just dance casually.

“ I Was Sick For Five To Six Years”

Daequan explained his health condition in his return stream on Twitch. He said “I was sick for five to six years. From 19 pretty much to 26.”

“And on top of that, I had those lung collapses, which also prevented me from doing what I wanted to do. Any sports out the window. Anything athletic out the window,” he added.

However, the Internet personality feels better than ever now. All of his sicknesses have left his body and Daequan feels reinvigorated.

‘I’m Over All That Sh*t’

“I’m so happy to say I’m over all that sh*t, bro. I’ve been doing so many things that I used to do, and I’m genuinely happy now.”

Daequan recently injured his knee and tore his ACL while filming for a comeback video on YouTube. With a serious injury that can take a little while to heal, he has shifted focus towards Twitch.

Twitch Comback

The streamer will be back entertaining his fans on a regular basis with his streams now.

Before his hiatus, Daequan was considered to be one if the biggest Twitch streamers on the planet prior to his hiatus. Daequan’s streams raked in over 15-20k concurrent viewers easily. In mid-2018, the streamer was fetching more than 200k hours watch time on every stream.


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