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Twinkle Khanna Encourages Everyone To Donate For Oxygen Concentrators

Author and former actor Twinkle Khanna shared a message urging fans to donate oxygen products to those in need.

She and her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, recently bought and donated oxygen concentrators as well. On Tuesday, she called on people to work together to get more oxygen concentrators available in the hospitals.

What Did Twinkle Say?

Taking on Instagram, she posted a video, “My day started at 6.30am, with a school friend texting me to get her grandmother’s healthcare. This is a story across the country, where friends, relatives and strangers are asking for concentrators.

This is what we have come to. It’s not like these pleas go unanswered. There are people from all walks of life who organise medicines, and oxygen, and hospital beds for people they don’t know and are likely to never meet…This is not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about what we can do collectively. And yeah, I know, these are difficult times, but every little action, every contribution adds up…”

Twinkle wrote in her recent post, “Help them breathe When India needs air, everything you do is important, every donation is important. Our first deployment of oxygen concentrators has arrived in Delhi this morning and now we need your help to get more oxygen concentrators to hospitals that still need them most.”


After the post’s caption, Twinkle Khanna had solicited a final call to action from the fans. This is what the post said:

“Please go to the link in my bio for more information and to contribute. A big thank you to @annada_outreach for joining hands with @daivikfoundation toward this life-saving cause. #helpthembreathe.”

Donations By Twinkle And Akshay

Last week, Twinkle revealed that she and Akshay had donated 100 concentrators of oxygen. Commenting on the donation, Twinkle had stated that she was in a bit of a hole’ in the last few weeks, as the members of her own family were ill. She had urged people ‘to do whatever (they) can so we can look back at this bleak moment and at least say it took the worst but it brought out the best in all of us’.

Akshay recently recovered from Covid-19 and Twinkle shared his health stories with fans in a unique way. She shared a cartoon with her husband and said, “Safe and sound and good to have him back around. #allizwell.” Akshay was hospitalised after contracting the coronavirus in April.

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