Trust Me Vodka: Spirit Reborn

Vodka’s history is controversial. Its invention is disputed by Russia and Poland, the Russians claiming they were the first to make it in the 12th century, the Poles dating its birth to the 9th century in what is today’s Poland. Vodka’s popularity in the U.S. started to steeply rise in the 1950s after one enterprising food and spirits distributor introduced the now-famous Moscow Mule cocktail made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. The Mule triggered a vodka craze all over the US.  Vodka now holds some 20% of the North American spirits market and amounted to about 30 billion USD in sales last year. During the pandemic, vodka sales soared by a further 14%. 

In keeping with the trend of vodka’s growing popularity, in the last few years, Trust Me Vodka, the producer of ultra-premium vodka from Idaho, has reinvented the iconic drink giving it a second birth to become a leader in the ongoing premiumization of the spirits industry. They managed to make it stand out by combining a perfect form with an exquisite taste. Trust Me achieves the perfection of form by committing art to the glass, making every bottle a virtual chef-d’oeuvre. The company scouts for artists all over the world, and they may well fit with the centuries-old tradition of Venetian Murano glassmakers: so much soul and talent they contribute to the company cause. Since 2017, 15 artists have had the opportunity to create the art seen on each Trust Me Vodka bottle. Very few empty Trust Me bottles risk ending up in garbage bins: you don’t want to dump a piece of art.

Trust Me Vodka’s cause is in commitment to excellence both in form and in essence.  The ultra-premium drink is made from organic Idaho wheat and the pure water coming from the peaks of the Teton Mountains right to the distillery. The water, which is the lynchpin of a good spirit,  is further filtered through an organic rock—the best natural filter.  For those who are gluten-sensitive, Trust Me offers vodka made from potatoes rather than grain. By artfully combining nature’s three essential elements—pure mountain water, wind power, and organic grain, or potatoes— the company produces what is rightfully the ultra-premium liquor that caters to the most demanding palate. 

In tune with the stay-at-home theme and mindful of vodka’s perfect fit as a cocktail ingredient because of its neutral flavor, Trust Me recently rolled out a line of bottled vodka cocktails from the famed Bloody Mary to Sex on the Beach and many more. 

The rebirth of vodka performed by Trust Me through the combination of art, allegiance to uncompromised quality, and masterful use of nature’s gifts have already garnered the brand a healthy—and growing— following. To learn about the brand’s line of products and its plans for the future, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


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