Tom and Jerry Show in New York has been announced, with a first look poster News

Tom and Jerry Show in New York has been announced, with a first look poster

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Time icon June 12, 2021

The first look poster for Tom and Jerry In New York, a planned HBO Max TV series based on the classic cartoon rivals, has been released by Warner Bros. Since their debut in 1940, the cartoon cat and mouse, like Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny, have become cultural icons. The characters were created for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in a series of short films created by Hanna-founders. Barbera’s Tom (the cat) and Jerry (the mouse) are villains in the episodic comedy, with motives that are both sincere and in jest.

As the rights to the material were handed from studio to studio, different producers continued to make variants on the Tom and Jerry cartoon. In 2006, Warner Bros. adopted the animals, and they are still living there today. Since then, Warner Bros. Animation has released further additions of the brand, beginning in 2006 with Tom and Jerry Tales, a collection of films created in the original aesthetic and slapstick comic style.

The Tom and Jerry Show received another revival in 2014, this time in collaboration with Cartoon Network. Tom and Jerry, a live-action animated hybrid feature that took the creatures to New York City, as well as two new animated shorts on HBO Max, were released in February by Warner Bros.

Poster Reveals

Warner Bros. is a studio that produces films. With a first look poster promoting the show, Animation just revealed the upcoming debut of Tom and Jerry In New York, its newest Tom and Jerry project. Tom and Jerry’s stay at NYC’s luxurious Royal Gate Hotel, where they crashed in the live-action film, is extended in the HBO Max Original animated series. As their fellow passengers strap in for a nightmarish ride, Tom and Jerry annoy subway riders with their typical cat-and-mouse activities. Check out the series’ first poster below:

Tom and Jerry In New York Poster Long

Viewers may find it challenging to suspend their disbelief long enough just to believe in a comedy animated film about talking animals. Of course, Tom and Jerry were never meant to be realistic, and Tom and Jerry in New York is aimed at kids. Adults who tune in should follow the lead of the children and not overthink things.

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