Timothee Chalamet teases Zendaya, with This sweet mention to Tom Holland

Timothee Chalamet made his Dune co-star blush by mentioning Tom Holland in an interaction. As if Tom Holland and Zendaya’s social media exchanges weren’t enough to melt our hearts, Timothee Chalamet gave us another epic moment when he made his Dune co-star blush by mentioning Tom Holland in an interaction.

Zendaya and Chalamet took part in BuzzFeed’s BFF test, where they answered random questions, and it was here that the actor teased his co-star.

Timothee Chalamet teases Bestie Zendaya

Timothee quickly responded, “Easy,” to a question about addressing each other’s celebrity crushes, and then listed Tom Holland as Zendaya’s celebrity crush. Zendaya burst out laughing at Chalamet’s response, a clear indication of how delightfully pleased she was at the idea of Holland.

Chalamet captured hearts with this thoughtful act, and fans dubbed him a real friend who never misses an occasion to tease their bestie.

Tom Holland recently caused a stir when he posted a photo of Zendaya from the premiere of her film Dune in London on Instagram, accompanied with a heart-eye emoji. Tom’s message also drew a response from his girlfriend, who used a teary-eyed emoji to express her gratitude for his thoughtful gesture.

While Zendaya and Tom haven’t made any formal statements about their relationship, their social media interactions have been enough to establish that they’ve been dating since they were photographed kissing in LA earlier this year.

Fans are hoping to see Zendaya and Holland team up for the promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which could be when they make their romance official.

Tom Holland’s Sweet PostTom Holland’s Sweet Post

Tom Holland is a proud boyfriend who isn’t afraid to show it. The Spider-Man: No Way Home star demonstrated his mastery of deception by sharing a stunning photo of girlfriend Zendaya from the London premiere of her film Dune.

In the captions, the actor just mentioned the film’s title and a heart-eye emoji in response to a stunning black and white photo of Zendaya from the occasion.


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