This 22-Year Old Guy, Piyush Dimri Shares How He Achieved Success As A Digital Marketer

The concept of marketing is majorly built on 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. However, the most important and the fifth P of marketing is the man himself, Piyush Dimri. Jokes apart, he is just 22 and is a digital marketer. What makes him an exceptional name is the fact that he started doing affiliate marketing in 2012 when he was in 10th grade. During an age when kids are busy studying and playing sports, this young boy was putting in his mind into the field of marketing. He was born and brought up in Lucknow and always had a flair for doing something creative in life.

He considers himself a digital nomad at this very young age, he has already travelled to 4 countries. Last year in 2018, Piyush founded Launchigo Media Pvt Ltd which is a Lucknow-based digital marketing company. Through affiliate marketing, Piyush has already promoted many prominent brands within a budget and earned great profits with a high return on investment. His strategical ideas have helped many companies increase their goodwill and brand value in the market. The young and sharp mind has truly made sure to make a name for himself in this highly competitive world.

In a time when parents want their children to hold books and focus on their studies, this young man has gone miles ahead and has been working on laptops and smartphones. Talking about how he manages studies and work, he said, “I have given a fixed time to studies as well as work. I love to follow a disciplined routine and have set my priorities straight. I believe that the knowledge you get on practical grounds is not in the books.” We are really surprised by Piyush’s great thoughts. Besides work and studies, the digital marketer also loves to travel and has been going to places for work. At a very early age, Piyush Dimri has undoubtedly made one thing clear that he is here to stay and is on his way in becoming one of the youngest entrepreneurs.