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The Youngest Self-made Millionaire of Pakistan, Bisma Khan!

Bisma Khan, an 18-year-old girl, is the Youngest Self-made millionaire of Pakistan. She runs her own hair care and clothing brand and is an Instagram influencer and rapper as well. Well a lot on her plate as we can see.

Khan is coming up with some new projects very soon. She will be introducing two more products in her hair care line, shampoo and conditioner on the 25th of September. Also, we’ll be able to see a new winter/fall collection for her clothing brand, which is expected to come out by the end of October.

717178 9429581 bisma updates

She started her journey not as smoothly as you might have seen today. Her parents separated when she was only 17. Going through a lot of trauma and very tough times at such a young age, she made a choice. She could either be in traumatic and live her whole life in misery or stand up for herself and do something. She chose the latter.

Khan had some YouTube subscribers already when all this broke out. She found that as the only escape and started giving it proper time. She then collected her pocket money and Eidi of rupees 6000 only and bought herself some essential products for her startup. She has her own recipe for the ‘Magic hair Oil’ and it really does magic.

After only five months Bisma Khan had earned enough from BK Care, her hair care products, that she introduced her own clothing line, BK Drip. BK Drip went very well and was sold out before much time. Khan then invested her time more into her business and earned enough to pay her A‘levels fee.

Along with this she also started the BK Foundation to help the under privileged. This foundation is her way to give back to the society. A certain percentage of every product you buy from BK Care goes for a noble cause in the BK Foundation.

She is also a Rapper, as she says it was her passion and her rap hit the roof with YouTube views. She’ll soon be doing an international collaboration too, so let’s wish her the best of luck.

So here she is today, only 18 and already a millionaire on her own and with so much more coming her way. She can proudly say that she is completely independent and self-sufficient.

Kudos to that!

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