‘The way we treat animals is a reflection of our own humanity’, says Ahad Raza Mir News

‘The way we treat animals is a reflection of our own humanity’, says Ahad Raza Mir

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Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir has said that the way we treat animals is a reflection of our own humanity.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actor turned to Instagram and shared lovely short videos wherein he could be seen playing with a puppy and wrote, “Love animals. The way we treat them is a reflection of our own humanity.”

He went on to say, “Treat others as you would want to be treated. I believe that should apply to all the living things on earth.”

“Take care of yourselves, each other, and all the animals that share the planet with us. Whats the most human thing about us? I think its love and generosity, and we express it in so many different ways. So whatever your way is, spread it.”

Before signing off, Ahad said, “Remember that a good deed done to an animal is as good a deed done to a human being.”

Ahad’s post was well received by thousands of his Insta followers.

On the work front, Ahad Raza Mir was last seen in drama series Ehd-e-Wafa.

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Ahad Raza Mir is a Canadian-Pakistani actor and singer. Mir is known for his roles as in Pakistani television serials and films, and for his appearance in musical show Coke Studio. Mir has established a career in Pakistan and has earned praise for portraying unconventional roles on screen, and is the recipient of a Lux Style Award.

The son of actor Asif Raza Mir, before pursuing acting on television, Mir worked as a theater artist in Canada while studying at the University of Calgary. Mir returned to Pakistan in 2015 and first earned recognition with the television series Sammi (2017).

A leading role in the romantic drama Yaqeen Ka Safar (2017) proved to be a breakthrough for him, earning him critical acclaim and a Lux Style Award for Best Actor.Mir established himself by portraying a fighter pilot in the combat-war film Parwaaz Hay Junoon (2018), a poet in the pre-partition period drama Aangan (2018), an army officer in the coming-of-age Ehd-e-Wafa (2019), and an avenger in the revenge drama Yeh Dil Mera (2019).

Ahad Raza Mir Early life:

Ahad Raza Mir was born on 29 September 1993 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. He is the son of Asif Raza Mir, a veteran actor and producer of the Pakistani film and television industry; and Samra Raza Mir.

His paternal grandfather, Raza Mir, was a filmmaker who also served as cinematographer for the first ever Pakistani film, Teri Yaad (1948). Fellow actor and singer Haroon Shahid is his cousin. Mir Attended a Performing Arts High School, and graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Ahad Raza Mir Career:

Mir started his career in 2010, playing a brief role in Hum TV’s romantic-drama Khamosiyan. In Canada he began his bachelors in BBA but later changed his major to BFA to pursue his career in acting, he explained, “for as long as I can remember, acting is the only career that I’ve wanted to pursue in my life,

Although I was enjoying BBA but I realized half way through that I wasn’t internally happy. I discerned that when you have a plan A, there’s no point of having a plan B. There should be one plan and it should be your only goal, that’s when I decided to make the switch and changed from BBA to BFA in the University of Calgary.”Mir started his career on stage, performing, directing and writing in several musicals and plays across Canada.

Mir wanted to move to Toronto, but instead decided to go back to Pakistan to work in films and television, “It was one fine morning when I got this wild idea of moving to Pakistan as I had not been back for over a decade. Ever since that decision, I’ve been quite lucky and very grateful to be accepted as an actor.”

Ahad Raza Mir Rise to prominence:

In 2017, he started auditioning for Hum TV’s production house MD Productions and was cast as a leading role in Yaqeen Ka Safar and a recurring role in Sammi, the latter went into production early but he gained a wider recognition and fame with the former where he played a grief-stricken brother as Dr. Asfand Yaar, alongside Sajjal Ali.

His performance earned him Lux Style Award for Best Actor, and won three Hum Awards including Hum Award for Best Actor.He attributes his success to producer and filmmaker Momina Duraid, Mir said in an interview, “Momina Duraid has followed my career closely for the longest time. I was in Canada when she called me to offer the part.

The goal has been to do a film since I was very young, and so I knew that I had to pack my bags and come to Pakistan right away.”

Coming from an influential filmmaking family, Ahad was accused of nepotism to which his father said it is very “natural of people to made that comment” and acknowledged that “to some extent it was easier because there was a reference” but has also said “regardless of his family name, and he’s been able to overcome this, proving his mettle on his own.” Responding to such claims Mir said, “people kept telling me I was a star-kid, but I spent most of my time not knowing that.

It was oblivious to me. I wanted people to take me, as an actor, very seriously. I’m not a social media celebrity, I’m not here to become famous; I’’m here to give Pakistan some good cinema and TV.” Talking about the difference in Canadian and Pakistani film exposure he said, “my vital years were spent in Canada and after moving here I feel I am very lucky that I got so much. But the adjustments

I had to make were about life, like getting used to the weather, the way people worked and their punctuality here.”He further said, “here [In Pakistan] you need to have connections, your looks matter, how many followers you have etc. Talent, I feel, comes right at the end and sadly I feel Pakistan has more celebrities and less actors.”

Mir made his Coke Studio debut as a featured artist in its upcoming eleventh-season, the director and producer of the series Zohaib Kazi said, “we saw something akin to it on Instagram. Not exactly like it but we saw Ahad Raza Mir singing a little and playing the guitar on Instagram. When we saw that,

we thought he had something. To be able to play right while singing is an art in itself. We decided we should talk to him.” In 2018, Mir made his film debut with Haseeb Hassan’s military-drama Parwaaz Hay Junoon, co-starring Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hania Amir which was released on Eid al-Adha 2018. Mir replaced Osman Khalid Butt in a role of Flight Lieutenant Saad, who opted out due to his other commitments.

Mir reunited with Sajal Aly and Mawra Hocane in Hum TV’s Mohammed Ehteshamuddin directed period drama Aangan (2018-2019), where he played a poet, Jameel.

About the character, Mir said, “Jameel is the most confusing character I have ever played. He is a poet, he is a politician, he’s somebody who is on a journey of what love means, what family bonds mean, somebody who is actually quite relatable to everyone out there.”

The Shakespeare Company in a joint production with Vertigo Theatre in Canada had signed Mir to play Hamlet in their 2019 production He is the first South Asian actor to play the role professionally in Canada. For his performance he won the Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama.

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