The Stranger Things Creators Have Good News About the Future of the Show

Creators of the hit Netflix series, Ross and Matt Duffer, have given us an update on when the show might end.

Stranger Things is going to stay with us for a while. While the creator has previously said that they might say goodbye to the series after its fourth season, but they have confirmed otherwise. They revealed that season four will not be the end of the Netflix drama.

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Ross Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter that season 4 will not be the end of Stranger Things. He continued, “We know what the end is, and we know when it is. [The pandemic] has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. Starting to fill that out gave us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story.” 

We have even more good news other than the show being with us for a while, it has been reported that the script for season four is ready. Matt confirmed saying for the first time they have all the scripts written and they are able to look at it and make necessary adjustments.

However, they have yet to start filming for season four. The cast had barely begun when they had to stop because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their production in Atlanta is said to be scheduled for September and there is still no update on the release date yet. Which means that we will have to wait a little longer than anticipated for the fourth installment to release.

David Harbour on Hopper’s Story


The third installment of Stranger Things was released last year on the Fourth of July. Most of the action centered around a gigantic, incredibly ’80s mall and ended with many changes. Chief Hopper (David Harbour) was presumed dead in an explosion, so Joyce (Winona Ryder) moved her family and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) out of Hawkins. 

After the release of the trailer of season four, we know that Hopper is still alive. He is in Russia as a prisoner but that is all we know about the series. We also have a little information from what the cast has said.

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David Harbour revealed, “Hopper is the American in that Russian prison, and to me, what happens in this season—first of all, it’s very epic and very big in a Stranger Things way”. He assured that there are still monsters, horrors, and scares. The actor added that there is an ‘Indian Jones-type action. David revealed that the series will also have Hopper’s really deep back story that they’ve hinted in season two.

The actor also said, “I’m really excited to let people see these really deep colors in him. Each season we see a different side of him, and last season he was sort of wacky…Now I think he’s painted in a bit of a darker palette and he’s able to express some of these really deep things in him, which we haven’t really known yet. It’s been hinted at, but we don’t really know.” 

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As we wait for season four, we can look out if the cast wins any of the eight Emmy nominations that it received for season three.


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