The Rise Of Dewanshi Gupta As A Top Influencer Will Inspire Every Youngster Out There

India is a diverse country with a huge population of more than 1.3 billion people. Out of this huge population, many people are rising with their talent and smart work. In such circumstances, many have put in their best to make a name for themselves. Dewanshi Gupta is one such name who is a popular influencer and has a blog named ‘The Sstyle Drug’ which she started from scratch in 2015. Her blog does not cater to one category but to various categories. ‘The Sstyle Drug’ is her perception about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food and travel. The blog came into existence when she thought of sharing her personal style with the world and over the years, she has learnt and mastered the art in several categories.

Known for her elegant style, she was asked the reason behind the name of her blog. To this, she replied, “I believe that fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable but style is more about being yourself and therefore it is named as ‘The Sstyle Drug’. It means the style that will make you addicted.” Being an influencer, she has made her social media presence on every platform. Be it Snapchat, YouTube or Twitter, she shares her content on every platform to reach a wider audience. Besides this, Dewanshi has a humongous 1.7 million followers on the photo and video sharing app, Likee and is growing her fanbase on Instagram where the influencer has more than 40K followers.

Dewanshi Gupta has completed three years as an influencer and till now, her blog has collaborated with more than 500 brands across different categories of fashion, travel, beauty and food. To highlight some of her brand associations, she has collaborated with Forever 21, Lavie, Daniel Wellington, Himalaya, Wok Express, Seven Sands Villa, PNG Jewellers and many other prominent brands. The blogger is emerging as one of the popular names and was also featured in The Times Of India, Pune Times, Femina and had appeared on Radio City.

Not just this, ’The Sstyle Drug’ has also hosted various audience engaging events like styling sessions, a meet-up in collaboration with the social media sensation Just Sul. Apart from this, the blogger has made her presence as a chief guest in many recognized college events in Pune and Mumbai. Moreover, her venture was the official sponsor for ‘Guidance Project 2.0’, a dance workshop by MJ5, Ankit Sati and Ajinkya Kalokhe which was hosted by Dynamic Entertainment. With so much of work happening, we are sure that Dewanshi Gupta will bring the best of content for her followers.