The Final Attack- Khuda Aur Mohabbat Episode 37

  • It is unfortunate that for a story as typical as this one, the drama makers decided to drag it to so much to turn it into an approximately 40 episode drama.
  • The story has not moved an inch for so long. And what’s more frustrating is how in every single episode for the last few weeks.
  • They only have a couple of new scenes, the rest of them are just flashbacks or events & happenings. That do not add much to the story.
  • It shouls stop labelling itself as the third season of Khuda Aur Mohabbat because the title itself skyrocketed the expectations. And there are no qualms in saying that this one doesn’t only not meet the expectations but falls short of it completely!

Dilawar & Farhad’s Meeting

This episode had only one major development which was Dilawar’s attack on Farhad. And everything that happened after was the least bit interesting or engaging to hold interest in the episode.

Dilawar obviously found out about Farhad & it wouldn’t have taken him much to figure out what was the reason behind the orders that were given to him by Nazim Shah. Farhad also knew why Dilawar did what he did, his expressions said it all. It was as if it did not come as a surprise to Farhad because this is exactly what he expected from Nazim. Especially after all the threats he gave to him a few days ago.

It seems Jageerdarni has adopted Farhad & she was taking her role as his mother quite seriously. We still fail to understand why & what is it in Farhad’s character that everyone puts everything aside & glorifies Farhad. As if he is someone special.

No doubt, this has been Hashim Nadeem’s pattern in most of his dramas. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about Musa in Raqs e Bismil, everyone in Parizaad is touched by him. But the difference is, both Musa & Parizaad had it in them for people to be touched by their presence or feel inclined towards them.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 Episode 37 Story Review - The Attack

Farhad Character Lacks Its Depth

Sadly, this is absolutely not the case with Farhad, or even if Hashim Nadeem intended it that way. The director has failed to translate it on-screen. There has been so much focus on what others think of Farhad. And how they can not help being his fans but sadly, they forgot to work on Farhad’s character or his growth which actually would’ve made all these feelings of supporting characters justified.

The rest of the episode covered everyone’s reactions with Sikandar taking care of hospital expenses & blood donations. Kazim Shah was now introspecting which again seemed out of the blue. But I still like that they have shown a father having a soft spot for his daughter. It is refreshing to see that a father like Kazim Shah is still in touch with his emotions especially in matters concerning his daughter. We wish to see him having a conversation on these lines with at least someone; acknowledging the fact that the loss of Taimoor was so traumatic for Mahi that he doesn’t wish to put her through more misery!


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