Taylor Swift Donates $30,000 to Make 18-Year-Old’s College Dreams Come True Music

Taylor Swift Donates $30,000 to Make 18-Year-Old’s College Dreams Come True

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Time icon August 21, 2020   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:37 AM

Taylor Swift donated more than $30,000 to help pay for college tuition to an 18-year-old, Vitoria Mario.

Vitoria, set up a GoFundMe page earlier this month in hopes of receiving some money for tuition. “I am a young Black 18 year old with a dream,” she explained. “I have received a conditional offer to study Mathematics (MMath) at the prestigious University of Warwick…However, I am still in a position of uncertainty as I may not be able to attend university due to my circumstances.”

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She continued that she has lived in the UK for four years after migrating from Portugal to live with family in Tottenham. The 18-year-old explains that her not being eligible for maintenance loans/grants is due not only to not having ‘Home’ status. She adds that it is also because her family has a low income, and unable to help her self-fund through university. Her dad passed away unfortunately and her mother still stays in Portugal.

Taylor was, however, moved by the 18-year-old’s story and she donated £23,373 or more than $30,000 to her tuition fees. The singer shared that she saw her story online and she is inspired by the drive and dedication she has for turning her dreams into reality. She added, “I want to gift you the rest of your goal amount. Good luck with everything you do! Love, Taylor.”

Taylor’s Heartfelt Contribution

Vitoria reached her goals as more Swifties donated to her cause and she explained how this could help her. “My dream of becoming a Mathematician is not only a chance at social mobility for my family and me, but to inspire people who have been in similar positions to aspire to be the best version of themselves and strive for their dreams despite gender/racial inequality, immigration issues and financial barriers,” she explained.

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The 18-year-old said she is grateful for any assistance for her journey and appreciated the time people took to engage with her story. Taylor has been busy with the success of her album, Folklore. She has also been actively talking about social issues like voting and Black Lives Matter.

It’s not a surprise that Taylor Swift’s surprise album, ‘Folklore‘ has been taking over the world. Now her album has sold over 2 million copies in just the first week. And not only that, but it has also entered into being this year’s top-selling album.

Taylor surprised her fans by announcing the release of her album just 15 hours before actually releasing it. Folklore generated over 500 million streams across various platforms throughout its debut week. The album wasn’t just a surprise for her fans but also her record label, Republic Records. The record label announced last week that Folklore has sold over 1.3 million copies in just 24 hours.

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It also broke the global streaming record on Spotify and Apple Music. Folklore generated 80.6 million streams on Spotify, setting a new benchmark on the platform for first-day streams by a female artist. Taylor also holds the record of debuting above 500,000 sales in the U.S., with the most albums.

Recently, it is revealed that Taylor’s record label, Republic Records, also did not know about it until after it was actually released Friday. The album was written and recorded while self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Taylor collaborated on 11 of the 16 new songs on the already hit album. It included multi-instrumentalist, Aaron Dessner of the indie rock band The National. The instrumentalist revealed little behind-the-scenes details in an interview with Pitchfork.

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Before Taylor Swift released the album, fans took to social media to speculate a lot of different theories about her upcoming album. Taylor’s fans think that Joe Alwyn has co-written the songs of the album with the singer. The singer surprised her fans on Thursday morning claiming she will be releasing her album at midnight.

She took to Instagram and said a lot of things that she did plan did not happen and things she did not plan did happen. Taylor explained that the thing that did happen is her eighth studio album, Folklore. She wrote “Surprise!” and announced she will be releasing the album at midnight. The singer explained that she has put all her whims, dreams, fears, and musings into the album.

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