Taeyong & Johnny Trend As NCT 127 Drops Sci-Fi MV For ‘Sticker’

NCT 127 has come back after almost a year with their fourth album Sticker. The highly-anticipated comeback has been breaking records even before the release. NCT 127 became a million sellers on the same day as the pre-orders were announced.

On September 16, they became double million sellers with 2.12 million pre-orders. But it does not end there, as it made Mark and Haechan eight million sellers as well. Yuta, on the other hand, is the only Japanese K-Pop idol with five million-selling albums. But with the release of Sticker music video, they have more attention.

Both the album and the sci-fi music video were released on September 17. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the music video since the concept photos were released. The band was seen in chic satin outfits and denim cowboy looks in vibrant setups. Sticker’s teaser for the music video saw the band donning a futuristic Wild West with NCT 127.

Two members have caught specific attention. Taeyong and Johnny are the ones as the leader of NCT, the former starts off the music video. He was seen sporting a flaming suit in a futuristic saloon. The music video takes the audience on a ride as the boys dance in blinged-up cowboy clothes with sci-fi lassos and mechanical bulls.

Johnny, on the other hand, stole the limelight during the bridge as he changed the pace with his rap. He showed off his tattoos and dressed up in sleek black shirts that showcased his toned body and abs. Fans were extremely excited as they could not get over Johnny’s scenes. Earlier for NCT comebacks, the singer did not have much screentime or lines but ever since Neo Zone, it has changed.

However, the music video had several other highlights as well. We saw Jungwoo shooting hearts and getting his heart shot; there was Jaehyun boxing with the camera in a transition for the bridge. Ever since the release of the album, fans have been trending Taeyong, Johnny and NCT127_Sticker.

Fans were completely in awe as they complimented the music video. A fan said, “Taeil said forget about the troubling world and I did.” They all appreciated all the members and loved the new music video.


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