Swara Bhasker Latest Crime Thriller Series ‘Flesh’ Review

Swara Bhasker starrer web series Flesh was released on the OTT platform Eros Now today on August 21, 2020. Take a look at the Flesh review here.

The show is directed by Danish Aslam and is written by Pooja Ladha Surti. The plot of the web series Flesh centres around the human trafficking business.

Swara’s Role

It features Swara Bhasker in the lead roles of a cop who is trying to bust the human trafficking gang. Here is a look at the Flesh web series review and what works and what doesn’t in this show.

Plot Of Flesh

Flesh (2020)

As the name suggests the web series is as direct and to the point and shows the ugly picture of human and sex trafficking business. The plot of this eight-episode series moves between Mumbai and Kolkata.

A 16-year-old girl is abducted by a smooth-talking man that she met over social media. As her parents file a complaint of her going missing, the case lands on the tough and often rule-breaking police officer Radha played by Swara Bhasker.

The show follows Swara Bhasker’s character on her quest to get a hold of this whole gang of human traffickers. The plot also follows different perspectives like a brother and sister being trafficked, a cop on her quest among others.

What Works?

Flesh trailer: Swara Bhasker impresses with her action avatar in this  intriguing web-series

Flesh cast features several talented actors like Swara Bhasker, Mahima Makwana, Akshay Oberoi, Vidya Malvade, Kavin Dave, Sayandeep Sengupta, Geeta Agarwal, and Yudhishtir Urs in pivotal roles. Every actor on the show has done justice to their character with their brilliant performance.

Swara Bhasker shines brightly in the whole cast with her sheer brilliance in acting. Her action sequences and dialogue delivery is also worth applauding. Direction by Danish Aslam is also to the point and he sets the tone of this thriller series. The direction is such that it engulfs a viewer into the narrative.

What Doesn’t Work?

The web series is not for the faint-hearted. The series consists of several violent scenes which some viewers may find disturbing. Some of the viewers might also think that the issue of human trafficking is handled in a bit sensationalised way. The writing of the show is brilliant but leaves viewers wondering that it should have been more structured.

Final Verdict

Flesh Trailer: Swara Bhasker stars in this riveting tale of human  trafficking - entertainment

The Flesh web series is a raw and disturbing tale of sex and human trafficking in India. Swara Bhasker stands out in this thriller with her performance. Apart from some minor glitches, the series is a must-watch.  

IMDb Review

The official synopsis of Flesh on IMDb reads as, ‘Flesh is the complex story of two completely different girls who survive the ordeal of being victims of the sex and human trafficking industry of India.’ Flesh rating on IMDb currently stands at 2.6/10. The rating is expected to change as the show was released today.

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