Surprising Reason Why ‘xQc’ Hates Collaborating With Other Streamers On Twitch News

Surprising Reason Why ‘xQc’ Hates Collaborating With Other Streamers On Twitch

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Time icon August 10, 2021

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch has always tried to stay away from collaborating with other Twitch channels.

On Twitch, collaboration streams are very common because not only fans enjoy them, they are a good way to boost traffic, engagement and growth.

Past Drama And Clashes

So why does xQC, one of the best streamers ‘HATE’ doing collaborations on Twitch with other streamers?

xQc’s past record of getting involved in beefs and dramas might be the first reason to strike one’s brain when you think about his hatred towards collabs.

He left the OfflineTV Rust server after getting in a fight with streamers Pokelawls and Myth. xQc faced multiple bans when he was in GTA RP because of his clash with streamer MOONMOON and others.

‘F**king Cancer’

But all such reasons are not why he hates collaborating with others! The main reason is ‘the viewers’.

He said “Interacting other streamers is actual cancer,” he said. “Not because of them. I’m not going to lie. It’s because of you—the people who watch them. People are just f**king annoying. I’m going to be real. F**king cancer.”

xQc tried to explain with a real world example. He said whenever he hangs out or streams in collaboration with other content creators, people act like “nothing [else] matters” and start commenting on “anything they do,” no matter how insignificant it might be. “It’s so annoying,” he believes.

Playing Kanye’s Album Without Permission

Recently, xQc took to his Twitter handle and tagged Kanye West in a tweet asking for permission from the rapper to stream his song on Twitch.

However, it is not a surprise that Kanye did not reply to the request. The streamer went on to play the Donda album to his Twitch community and later deleted the VOD. But this doesn’t make him any safe from a ban on his channel. So let us see what happens!

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