Succession Isn’t Going to Last More Than 5 Seasons

Succession’s conclusion is approaching, since it has been confirmed that the show will not be renewed for a fifth season.

Jesse Armstrong’s HBO satirical drama follows members of the dysfunctional, immoral Roy family, who are always at odds and competing for control of their media empire, Waystar RoyCo, led by founder and patriarch Logan Roy. Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Nicholas Braun, and Alan Ruck star in the Emmy-winning series, which is executive produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

Producers Statement

According to Collider, Georgia Pritchett, a Succession executive producer, claimed in an interview with The New York Times that while she is unsure when the series will end, she knows it will not go beyond the fifth season. Pritchett also provides Armstrong’s views as well as a timeline for when he believes the series will conclude. The third season of the show is currently under production.

The following is the complete text of Pritchett’s statement: I believe the maximum number of seasons is five, but I believe it is more likely to be four. We’re nearing the end of season three filming, so [Armstrong] only has one more thing to say.

Despite the plan, Pritchett says there’s no way of knowing how many episodes Succession will have, so it’ll all rely on where the stories go after season 3 to decide when it’s time to wrap things up. The stakes for the upcoming season have already been upped as a result of the events of the season 2 finale, and guest stars Adrien Brody, Hope Davis, and Alexander Skarsgrd will appear.

Regardless of when Succession will conclude, with the third season nearing completion, the clock is ticking on what will happen to the Roy family members sooner than expected.

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