South Africa captain talks about Quinton de Kock’s decision to not take the knee Sports

South Africa captain talks about Quinton de Kock’s decision to not take the knee

Author's avatar Avishkar Govardhane

Time icon October 26, 2021   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:38 AM

The South Africa squad were “surprised and taken aback” by Quinton de Kock’s refusal to take a knee and then withdraw from the match against West Indies, but don’t know why exactly de Kock is against the gesture in support of antiracism. De Kock will release a statement explaining his stance. And for now, South Africa captain Temba Bavuma wants the team to respect de Kock’s decision.
“As a team, we are surprised and taken aback by the news. Quinton is a big player for the team, not just with the bat, but from a senior point of view, so not having this at my disposal, as a captain, is obviously something I wasn’t looking forward to,” Bavuma said after South Africa’s win over West Indies.
“In saying that, Quinton is an adult. He is a man in his own shoes. We respect his decision, we respect his convictions, and I know he will be standing behind the decision he has taken.”
Bavuma said players who are interested to know more about the decision from de Kock, might find out before South Africa’s next game, on Saturday against Sri Lanka. “We have a few days before the next game and I think those days will be tough for the group. Guys who want to know in terms of his decision, will use that time to find out a bit better,” Bavuma said. “Quinton is an adult. He made his decision. You have to respect it, whether you agree with it or not.
Everyone faces equally the consequences of their decision
“As much as you have the choice to decide what you want to do, you can’t escape the consequences of the choices and decisions we make. If there are people out there who think certain people need more clarity, then the fans, the media, it’s best that you ask those guys directly.
It becomes blurry when you are asking guys about other guys. If you are really wanting to get the clarity that you seem to want, you should probably ask those individuals themselves.”
“As much as we are a team, we wear the same shirt, we play for the same badge, outside of that we still live our own lives and those lives are different by the very nature that we live in South Africa. Over the last while, I have learnt to appreciate that a lot more.
Try to widen your own perspective as an individual and not expect people to see things the way you see things. My beliefs, the way that I see things, is shaped by my own background, and so is the other person’s. If there is a disagreement in terms of beliefs, in terms of views, that’s why we have those hard conversations.
Through those conversations we will be able to get the comfort to accept the other person’s decision. I can’t force anyone to see things the way I do, neither can they force me to.”
Coach will decide the substitute for de Kock
“I don’t know how far it is going to develop,” he said. “The decision he has taken is only today so I can only speak about what has happened today. It wouldn’t be my decision whether to replace Quinton or get a substitute. That will most probably be the coach and the selectors.