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Soulja Boy Reclaims Internet Throne With Make It Clap

The improbable has happened again.

Soulja Boy has risen from the ashes like a phoenix and is now mounting a second major comeback nearly 15 years after the rap star broke the internet with his hit single Superman.

Not unlike Superman, Soulja Boy has unleashed a new viral sensation with his hit single Make It Clap. Firearms, women, trapping all on a seductive tempo that taps into the trigger points of mainstream pop culture America.

The new record incited a wave of tik tok spin off videos- mostly by American teenage girls still enamored by the star – and has soared to the top of the charts on Tik Tok as well as ranking in the top 90 songs on the I-Tunes chart.

Conclusion, nobody does it better than Big Drako when it comes to breaking through with no hype, no label, and no production budget.

Which begets the question, why isn’t Roc Nation, Atlantic, or another major label behind him now pushing his music and his flourishing business empire.

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Deborah Blum

Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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