Akshay Kumar is gearing up for his upcoming movie Sooryavanshi. The trailer of the movie released today is one of the longest in the history of Indian cinema. This four minutes long trailer is full of action, emotion and special cameos by Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn respectively. The movie hits the theaters on March 24th.


Director Rohit Shetty started his Cop Universe journey in 2011 with Singham featuring Ajay Devgn. The movie brought in more than 100 Crore for the franchise.

Since then, Rohit began shaping his Cop Universe. Soon, After the success of the first installment of his franchise, he signed Ajay again for Singham Returns which hit the theaters in 2014.

Singham Returns instantly created the same sort of buzz, as it did with its first edition. The movie brought in more than 120 Crore for the Director. However, Filmmaker realizes the change needed in the franchise, despite the massive fan following the series gathered with Ajay Devgn.

During the making of his 2018 blockbuster Simmba, he went ahead and decided to surprise cop movie fans with a universe of their own. Rohit realized the giant leap of faith; he was taking while merging his films.He said, “When I started with¬†Simmba, when we were scripting for the film and we thought about the universe getting merged, I was a bit scared. Whether people will (like it)… Suddenly they should not feel ‘what is happening’.”

In a notable addition to his cop universe, the new upcoming movie ‘Sooryavanshi’ features Akshay Kumar. The trailer of the movie starts with Akshay’s appointment in Mumbai as an Anti-Terrorist Squad officer. With Ajay Devgn narrating the introduction, the trailer continues with the action.

Alongside Akshay, Katrina and Ranveer Singh are in the movie too. Ranveer Singh is playing as a side-kick to his mentor Akshay. As the story moves forward, there is a surprise entry of Ajay Devgn in the movie. The Three (Akshay)(Ranveer) (Ajay) then go ahead and continue fighting the Terror plot.


Yes! Rohit Shetty is already sharing details about his next project, which is going to be the third edition of the Singham franchise. Rohit in a recent interview said “The next installment in my cop universe will be Singham with Ajay. It’s Singham’s turn to come next.”