Social Impact Heroes: How Philanthropist Faizal Khan is giving hope thousands of marginalized young people

We all have a responsibility to this planet. The biggest threat to humanity today is climate change, and we humans are causing it. If we want our children and future generations to be able to walk in nature, swim in the oceans, and breathe clean air we must take drastic action. Switch to a plant-based diet.

Animal agriculture plays a role in almost all of the major environmental issues that plague the earth — climate change, habitat loss and destruction, wildlife extinction, overconsumption, soil degradation, water pollution and air pollution. We have a responsibility to the planet to sustain its limited resources for future generations. I believe going meat free and promoting a plant-based diet will make a significant impact to the environment.

Use of Plastic: It is already well known that plastic is choking our planet, killing marine life, and contributing to massive environmental pollution through landfills. Just the act of stopping all use of single-use plastic can make a drastic difference in mitigating the negative impact.

Educate our children from an early age about sustainability. Habits are harder to break as one gets older.We have to inculcate these values and habits from an early age. Children follow what they see adults do. We need to set an example with the actions we take, and the practices we follow to show them to respect natural resources.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Faizal Khan, the Pro- Chancellor of Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education. Faizal Khan is a prominent Indian Entrepreneur, Educationist and Philanthropist. His interests stretches from his educational work as Pro Chancellor to being a Prominent social worker, Author , researcher and developmental activist.

How does Faizal Khan define Leadership?

Leadership is not about telling people what to do. A true leader is one who knows how to serve. I believe in the concept of servant leadership. This means different things to different people. The philosophy closest to my heart, one that I learned is “service above self.” Being a true servant leader is putting the needs of others ahead of your own in service to a larger purpose.

Everyone knows about giving and receiving, but what if we gave and didn’t receive anything in return except the knowledge that you helped the less fortunate? For some, they might not be able to do it but for others like Faizal Khan, that’s all he ever needs. Khan prides himself as a giver and he believes in the saying, “what goes around, come around” which is a big reason for why he gives and feels comfortable knowing it’s simply doing better for others.

Through Khan’s meet/greets and general community activities, he’s able to positively influence the community and people. With Khan, doing philanthropic work is a unique experience that most people can’t give you. Whenever it comes down to it, he commits his life to helping others and their well being is an experience that only a few people have the opportunity of having.

His Industrialization ideas gave birth to Asia’s first Green Cardiac Catheterization Lab, which was timely assessed as an “epic” project by United Nations and in appreciation was invited as a speaker at the UN General Assembly 2015.

Khan’s project in India has influenced the lives of over 300,000 people positively because of his ideas and contributions.