Six Unknown Facts About The Iconic Trilogy Back To The Future

Released in July 1985, Back to the Future went on to become the highest-grossing film of the year, grossing over $ 389 million and continuing to be the crowd’s favorite. And now the whole trilogy, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, is now available to the streaming mogul/giant Netflix.

In honor of Back To The Future on Netflix, we are hopping in the DeLorean, checking the plutonium levels and hitting 88 miles per hour to reveal some surprising secrets about the film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Like, the fact that another 80s star originally played Marty McFly’s Nike Mags before Fox took a few weeks to record. (You can see OG Marty in one place, by the way!)

Also, Lloyd initially passed the chance to play Doc Brown, and the Jurassic Park actor almost landed the iconic part before Lloyd changed his mind.

From the stars who were almost cast as Marty and Doc Brown to the actor who sued the studio, here are top 6 behind-the-scenes facts you might not know about the beloved Back to the Future trilogy…

1.) Bob Gale Came Up With The Movie Idea Looking At His Father’s High School Books

Author and producer Bob Gale came up with the idea for the movie while looking at his father’s high school books during a family visit and discovered that his father was the president of his graduating class. As he put it in Esquire, “I was wondering if I was going to be friends with my dad in high school.”

2.) The Script Was Rejected Over 40 Times

Over the years, more and more studios just rejected to bring the script to the screen, with more than 40 denials altogether. Among them: Disney, and Gale saying, “Are you crazy? You can’t make a movie like this here. This is Disney, and you’re giving us a film with incest.

3.) Sid Sheinberg Suggested To Change The Name Of The Project

He was evidently not a fan of the title. Universal Photography head Sid Sheinberg has suggested that the name be changed to Spaceman From Pluto.

4.) Marty McFly Role Auditionists

John Cusack and Johnny Depp originally auditioned for the role of Marty McFly, but C. Thomas Howell was the finalist for the role, ultimately losing out to Eric Stoltz.

5.) Eric Stoltz Was Replaced

Five weeks after the filming, the filmmakers realized that Stoltz did not deserve the role, Gale explained to The Guardian, “The humor just hadn’t been coming through with Eric. The studio weren’t happy exactly, but they’d seen the footage so they bit the bullet.”

6.) Director Robert Broke The News To Eric

Director Robert Zemeckis was the one who delivered the news to Stoltz, with the filmmaker recalling in the book Blockbuster that it was “the hardest meeting I’ve ever had in my life and it was all my fault. I broke his heart.”


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