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SHEHBAZ KHAN – An entrepreneur who took the first-mover advantage.

Technology has become a priority for many of us, because of it ease our daily chore and makes everything to be done on our fingertips. Making innovative change propelled Shehbaz khan a successful entrepreneur.

Shehbaz Khan is an influencer, a blogger and the founder of Ring and Bring. His trending business strategy leads him to invent something that is acceptable by the customers as well as the manufacturer, so he invented an application (Bringbring.nl), which was a food delivery app. Basically, he bridged the gap between the renowned food franchises like McDonald’s and KFC and it’s customers. He was the one who made this facility available by delivering McDonald’s to one’s doorstep.Owning other electricity supplying firms like Lument & Priment, Shehbaz provides electricity at cheapest rate in the whole market. He along with his team balancing his chore and scaling it day by day as if he has created the opportunities for himself as well as for others.

Thus, innovation needs only creative execution, and he proved it well. Making the best use of technology he has raised his chore to next level. We wish him good luck for his future.

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